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Liwan District in Guangzhou develops six unique food hubs

In recent years, Guangzhou's Liwan District has crafted a culinary experience that highlights its distinctive features, blending Eastern and Western food to create six unique food hubs.

 "Tasted in Guangzhou, Flavor in Xiguan" Scroll Gallery

At the same time, Liwan District has launched the "Taste Xiguan" IP series, drawn food maps, introduced food comic exhibitions, and released promotional videos in the time tunnel of Baiyun Airport. These initiatives allow both domestic and international travelers to experience the evolution, culture, charm, and festive atmosphere of Xiguan cuisine over the past 2,000 years.

 "Taste Xiguan" IP Series

 Xiguan Food Map

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street to Yong Qing Fang: classic Lingnan food

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street and Yong Qing Fang are two major tourist attractions that host a lot of Xiguan-style architecture as well as numerous traditional Liwan eateries and old brands. Pantang Wuyue, a historic community in Liwan District, is an ideal spot to enjoy the charm and snacks of Xiguan.

Shamian Island: European-style food

Located in the heart of Guangzhou, Shamian Island is a tourist destination rich in European charm. It houses China's first five-star hotel with Sino-foreign cooperation, the White Swan Hotel. Many buildings on Shamian Island retain the late 19th-century European style. The area combines scenic views and cuisine, offering an excellent experience of enjoying Western food while admiring the Pearl River nightscape.

Yuehui City: Family-friendly food for daily leisure

Yuehui City is the second-largest shopping mall in Guangzhou, featuring a comprehensive complex that includes education, shopping, dining, entertainment, sports, wellness, consumer tech, and furniture. With over 70 dining brands, it meets the daily leisure needs of families.

Dongsha International Trade Port: Multicultural food

Dongsha International Trade Port is dedicated to creating a vibrant, round-the-clock health industry bay area, targeting a trendy culinary hub for young people. This area features a variety of international cuisines, offering consumers a rich culinary experience that includes China's eight major cuisines, Xiguan time-honored brands, Cantonese delicacies, and local snacks.

Bai’etan Business Zone: Food of GBA features

Leveraging its riverside location, the Bai’etan Business Zone attracts Michelin-starred and Black Pearl-rated restaurants to establish flagship and specialty stores. It also offers customized food cruise routes.

Huangsha to Liu’ersan Road: Fisherman's Wharffood

This area is being developed into a unique food hub featuring fresh seafood that can be purchased, cooked, and enjoyed on the spot, alongside a Fisherman's Wharf leisure tourism area.

Source | Yangcheng Evening News

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