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Cross-border e-commerce boosts in Guangdong

Imagine you are sitting on the sofa at home in Florida, the US, and submitting your order via your phone and the next day, you receive the parcel and get the fancy Easter decorations for your house, which are manufactured in China or Vietnam thousands of miles away. This is the magic of cross-border e-commerce.

As the most popular and emerging business model globally, cross-border e-commerce has become a worldwide trend, allowing consumers to quickly get products across the globe. Guangdong, the powerhouse of the second largest economy in the world, also seized the opportunities and managed to provide various kinds of products to global consumers.

According to the Nanfang Daily, a Guangdong-based media, the province has built three global e-commerce centers in Guangzhou to provide services to cross-border e-commerce enterprises, which are primarily SMEs, to facilitate its logistics, customs clearance, online sales platforms, and overseas warehouses so that they can provide better products and services to global consumers.

Zheng Haibin, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Haicheng International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., said that through the three centers, they can better utilize the resources of many existing developed overseas warehouses to respond to customers' demands and provide high-quality services quickly. Haicheng is a comprehensive logistics company integrating bonded and non-bonded import and export customs clearance, domestic and foreign trade booking, cross-border e-commerce, CFS packing and unpacking, bonded warehousing, general warehousing, and ship agency services.

Cantontrades is a Guangzhou-based service provider for foreign trade enterprises. The company provides solutions for overseas live-streaming, global cross-border e-commerce warehouses, and global cross-border e-commerce industrial parks to international suppliers, traders, and service providers. These businesses help customers to have a closer glimpse into the products online. With convenient transportation, customers can receive the products as quickly as possible.

Chen Gang, president of Cantontrades, introduced that his company has built an online platform for the export of Guangdong-made products, offering sellers more opportunities for product selection.

Chen further explained that his company has currently set up overseas supply chain centers in countries such as the United States. Especially in overseas warehouses, we have covered eight countries, mainly to provide related enabling services for our small sellers and some overseas and domestic enterprises.

In addition, Guangzhou recently introduced various new policies and measures to encourage the development of cross-border e-commerce, such as the 16 measures on the incubation of cross-border e-commerce enterprises and the construction of related industrial parks.

Reporter | Nancy Ye

Video | Zhang Tianxiong

Editor | Nan, Steven, Monica, James

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