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Guangdong plans to build FIA Grade 1 Circuit

Guangdong Province plans to build an FIA Grade 1 Circuit in Guangzhou and construct an international comprehensive racing sports park around it, according to the recently released Guangdong Province 2024 Key Construction Project Plan.

All FIA-sanctioned races - from F1 to rallycross - must be conducted on licensed circuits, with different levels of permission required to host different series. To obtain a Grade 1 license (the highest category), a circuit must fulfill a long list of criteria: the track must meet various standards, and its surrounding facilities must also satisfy various minimum requirements. Currently, there are 37 circuits (and 45 layouts across those circuits) spanning 24 countries that are licensed to hold a grand prix.

Guangdong has approved a total of 1,508 provincial key projects in 2024, with a total investment of 8.1 trillion yuan, and an annual planned investment of 1 trillion yuan.

Author | Alice

Editor | Steven, Monica, James

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