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Dongguan's first short drama base set to open

Have you ever been captivated by those exhilarating short dramas that feature plots like "the underdog winning big," "a domineering CEO and Cinderella," "rebirth and revenge"? As popular topics of conversation during meals and breaks, micro-short dramas and web series have become a hotly contested arena, attracting attention from all quarters.

Located in the Kaida Technology Design Center in Nancheng District, Dongguan, the Shudian Short Drama Base is a comprehensive film production base specifically designed for short dramas. It is also Dongguan's first dedicated short drama shooting base. According to the team in charge, the Shudian Short Drama Base is set to begin trial operations on July 15 and will officially open on July 29.

Project leader Liu Yan explained that the project is divided into three phases, with the Phase I covering over 10,000 square meters. Of this, 8,000 square meters have been crafted into shooting scenes for micro-short dramas. The base boasts over a hundred uniquely designed, modern micro-drama settings.

Each space within the base is seamlessly connected. One moment actors could be in a hospital corridor, and the next they might find themselves in the female lead's bedroom. With a quick turn, they could see a courtroom or a prison. Without leaving the base, cast and staff could also arrive at a high-end shopping mall. The base even includes fully equipped stages, opulent banquet venues, and luxurious settings like private jets and high-speed train cabins. It offers nearly all conceivable modern settings for micro-short dramas.

The Shudian Short Drama Base is also equipped with green screens and white screens, enabling the shooting of special effects, stunts, and various types of commercials.

Why is it called the "Shudian Short Drama Base"? The name is derived from its focus on the trending "vertical screen" micro-short dramas, aiming to provide high-quality shooting scenes tailored for this format. This emphasis on vertical screen productions is the main reason for the name "Shudian." Besides offering scene services, the base also provides scripts, actors, directors, equipment, and other services necessary for shooting short dramas, making it a one-stop solution for aspiring filmmakers. The base has already hosted over 30 crews, mostly from Guangdong teams.

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