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Popular Iraqi vlogger in Jiangmen: Chikan Overseas Chinese Ancient Town is so beautiful

Recently, a vlog about Jiangmen Kaiping Chikan Overseas Chinese Ancient Town has gone viral online. This vlog was filmed by Ahmed Jabar, a popular Iraqi vlogger.

Chikan Overseas Chinese Ancient Town (Photo: Yang Xingle)

"It's out of this world." "This is a photogenic spot." During the three-day Dragon Boat Festival, Jabar was surprised to see the arcade street with hundreds of years of history in Chikan Overseas Chinese Ancient Town. In order to experience traditional Chinese culture, he rowed a dragon boat in the river. In addition, he enjoyed Chikan clay pot rice and Chikan stuffed tofu, which are traditional snacks in Kaiping. Jabar was very satisfied with the trip.

Ahmed Jabar. Screenshot from vlogger account "Lao Wang in China"

Ahmed Jabar, known by his Chinese name, Wang Lixuan, hails from Iraq and has made China his second home for a decade. On a Chinese social media platform, Jabar operates the immensely popular food vlogger account "Lao Wang in China," which has amassed over 15 million followers.

Chikan Overseas Chinese Ancient Town is a historical town themed around the culture of overseas Chinese, offering sightseeing, leisure, business exhibitions, cultural creativity, and an authentic old town experience. The town is known for its large and well-preserved arcade buildings, rich overseas Chinese culture, vibrant street life, exciting cultural performances, and comfortable homestays and hotels, making it an ideal vacation spot in Jiangmen.

Author | Ye Zhiqing

Eidtor | Monica, James

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