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@ Overseas Chinese, participate in this activity, a free flight ticket is waiting for you!

From today onwards, Nanfang Daily, Nanfang Plus and GDToday are calling for submissions of videos among overseas Chinese.

Share your videos with your memories and impressions about Guangdong and the feeling about homecoming by August 15, 2023. Participants may have a chance to win a free flight ticket to Guangdong!

When to submit?

July 6 – August 15

Who can join?

Overseas Chinese

whose ancestral home is Guangdong

or whose life is bound up with Guangdong.

How to join?

Create a short video to share:

Your wish about homecoming

Your craving for your native land

Your story about Guangdong

Or how you miss relatives and friends in Guangdong.

Note: It should be a vertical video within one minute.

How to submit?

1. Post your video on TikTok or YouTube. Please add the hashtag # PullOfGuangdong and @ backtoguangdong.

2. Scan the GDToday QR code to learn more about the event, and enter the event's official page to upload videos.

Scan the QR code to enter the event's official page 

3. Submit your video to: backtoguangdong@163.com.

What is the prize?

A free flight ticket to Guangdong.

Winners will be selected based on the content and the number of likes, re-posts, and comments.

Rights & rules

1. Participants who submit the entries shall have the copyright of the works. The organizer of this event respects the copyrights of all entries. Participants are responsible for the legal obligations in relation to the entries, such as the right to reputation, portrait rights, and intellectual property.

2. During the event, the organizer can edit the entries, use them in the post-production process, and create a playlist with the entries for further dissemination.

Source: Nanfang Daily, Nanfang Plus and GDToday

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