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About Shenzhen, this video is so nice

"Shenzhen in Depth II - Window".

(Super wide format, we suggest you turn up the brightness of the screen and watch it in landscape)

Every window in this city is a movie.

You cannot predict in the next window,

What kind of surprise will it be.

With this film, we wish Shenzhen the best.

In the flow of time,

May this city we love so much,

Travel like a ship farther away on a stormy sea,

Fearless of any obstacle.

Three years ago,

On the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone,

"Shenzhen in Depth I" took us to open the “anywhere door” of Shenzhen in all dimension.

Three years later,

Let's use the window as a medium to create a time tunnel,

And enter the journey by the second film of the "Shenzhen in Depth"series.


Like raindrops from far away, 

People meet in the ocean of Shenzhen city.


New comers,

May feel a sense of alienation,

Due to its extraordinary prosperity, order and speed.

But if we go deeper into it,

We will find that under the slightly cold glass window,

Are millions of tender hearts beating.


Let us appreciate this new adaptation of the world classic-

"Nocturne OP.9 No.2"by Chopin,

The poetic masterpiece meets with the modern city.

Every single note flowing in the city,

Transform into a romantic symphony.


The greatness of the city, the littleness of the individuals,

The coldness outside, the warmth inside,

Overlap and emerge in and out of the window,

Converging into a warm and powerful strength.

You may have walked through the hustle and bustle alone,

in a rainy night;

You may have welcomed the sunrise together with the breeze at the summit,

in an early morning.


But the gorgeous bougainvillea will never fear of wind and rain,

All the longing, despair and loneliness,

will eventually be melted by the warmth flowing in this city,

Just as the popular slogan says:

Once Here, Shenzheners Forever!


Reality and fantasy, vastness and smallness are

Changing, swirling, overlapping and emerging like a kaleidoscope


Dance with the music,

Join the flying bird to pass through the city and ocean.

Swiftly past the nature “window” of the Tung Chung Sea Cave,

May we can meet each other on a higher ground in next scene.


Today, strolling along the bustle cityline of Shenzhen Bay,

One may hardly recall the wonders and hardships of the past.

But when the bells of light are rung by the people in panting,

The silent statues in the museum have come to life,

The threads of destiny have always bound the people of this city together.


Even as the film comes to an end,

Even we are exhausted in the silence,

We can still spend,

the last warm moments together.


However, "deeper" in time and space,

The films that belong to this city will never end.

Shenzhen will always leave a window open for you,

Always expecting new stories and landscapes to emerge from that window.


Source:Shenzhen Foreign Affairs

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