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The 2024 "Ten Thousand People Bikini Show" held at the Chimlong Water Park

On May 25th, the 18th "Ten Thousand People Bikini Show" took place at the Chimelong Water Park which has consistently held the top spot globally as a water park for several years.

Previously, the Park has always introduced specific themes for its annual "Ten Thousand People Bikini Show", which range from timely events like the Olympics and Asian Games to product-oriented themes like the Slide Wheel. The 2024 Show, however, combined two major themes named "World's No.1 Water Park" and "Colorful Dopamine, Water Carnival".

Beauties from various fields including sports, dance, ACGN, and trendy communities all put on bikinis and join this healthy large-scale event tailored for female water enthusiasts.

After a series of interactions, thousands of bikini-clad beauties rush into the wave pool, experiencing the water electronic music party specially designed for women by the Park. While dancing to the beat, these bikini-clad beauties engage in water gun battles, letting go of their worries and immersing themselves in the unique water warfare interactions with their best friends.

The Show, as explained, is an annual activity held at the Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou after its opening each year. It is a large-scale party that blends youthfulness, individuality, creativity, and trends, making it the world's largest and most participated water event. The essence of this Show is to encourage girls to confidently showcase their bodies and style by wearing bikinis, thus reflecting the pride and confidence of contemporary women.

Apart from the Show, the Chimelong Water Park will prepare multiple surprises for water enthusiasts from June to August. Firstly, there is an upgraded version of the Water Electric Music Festival, where several celebrity artists will perform at the wave pool stage. Classic-themed events like the Crazy Graduation Season and the Water ACGN Party will also be staged, allowing visitors to enjoy a variety of world-class water attractions while also enjoying various themed activities. The new parent-child area "Bubble Carnival," specially designed for children, will also open, offering children a blessing for Children's Day on June 1st, coupled with a policy of free admission for children.

Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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