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Expats sail from Qianhai to view Shenzhong Link

Before departure from the Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport Ferry Terminal in Qianhai. Photos by Lin Jianping

Expats sail towards the Shenzhong Link during the “Sailing from Qianhai” expedition Saturday.

After an abrupt downpour cleared Saturday afternoon, the Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport Ferry Terminal in Qianhai was bathed in scorching sunlight and favorable sailing winds.

Nearly 40 expats from the United States, the U.K., Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, and other countries embraced the summer heat as they set sail on an exciting journey to get an up-close view of the newly opened Shenzhong (Shenzhen-Zhongshan) Link.

“It was the most wonderful experience of my life,” said Michael John Eagleton, an Australian who has lived in Shenzhen for 26 years, after returning from the trip.

The “Sailing from Qianhai” event was jointly organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Science, Technology, and Innovation Bureau, the Qianhai International Talent Hub, EyeShenzhen, and Nezha Sailing to provide expats with an opportunity to view the mega cross-sea project and witness the vibrant nautical culture of Shenzhen.

Before boarding, the co-founder of Nezha Sailing provided a concise orientation for the expats, covering sailboat basics and essential safety guidelines.

Setting off from the company’s sailboat base, the voyage navigated towards the Shenzhong Link, offering participants a unique perspective of this engineering marvel.

“It’s a stunning maritime area. This is my first time realizing that sailing is possible in western Shenzhen,” said Rickelle Mason, a water sports enthusiast from the United States.

“In the past, I’ve always gone very far east of Dapeng, which is an amazing and beautiful place, but very far away. This is really conveniently located,” said Mason.

“It is a very beautiful sea area, and this is the first time I’ve even realized that you can sail in western Shenzhen,” she said, expressing her excitement about observing the expansion of Shenzhen’s western coastline development.

As the expedition sailed over the sea, the proximity to the Shenzhong Link intensified the visual impact.

“It was so exciting to see the Shenzhong Link, right next to us almost. It has been seven days since its launch,” said Rita Gimenez, from Spain.

The project, which includes bridges, artificial islands, and an underwater tunnel, opened to traffic June 30. It connects Guangdong’s three pilot free trade zones — Qianhai in Shenzhen, Nansha in Guangzhou, and Hengqin in Zhuhai.

The “Sailing from Qianhai” expedition marked the third HiQianhai event and the fourth event organized by the city’s science, technology, and innovation bureau for foreign nationals this year.

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