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19 Dragon Boat Teams show amazing S-curve drifting skills in Diejiao, Foshan

Dragon boats race forward with splashing waves and cheering spectators. On June 10, the 2024 China (Foshan) Diejiao Dragon Boat Drifting Race kicked off in the Dongsheng Section (S-curve). Nineteen dragon boat teams showcased their extraordinary skills, performing S-curve dragon boat drifting.

The Dongsheng Section track is approximately 560 meters long. Each dragon boat team competes in a return race, requiring them to navigate six drifts.

The starting point of the track is about 13 meters south of the Dongshengdong Entertainment Hall, and the turnaround point is about 10 meters east of the Li Ancestral Hall. The first bend is located in front of the Kong Family Temple, the second bend in front of the Pan Ancestral Hall, and the third bend is under the Dongsheng North Bridge. The second and third bends connect closely, making them jointly a S-shaped curve.

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