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Guangdong intercity railways see nearly 550,000 passengers during first week of operation

During the first week of operation (May 26 - June 2) of the Guangdong intercity railways, the Guangzhou-Zhaoqing and Guangzhou-Huizhou intercity railways together carried nearly 550,000 passengers.

Guangzhou Changlong Railway Station (Photo: Zhang Huiya)

On June 2nd, the number of passengers reached a peak of 117,000, the highest since the railways began operation.

Data indicates that compared to that before the full completion, the average daily passenger flows on the Foshan-Zhaoqing section of the Guangzhou-Zhaoqing intercity railway and the Dongguan-Huizhou section of the Guangzhou-Huizhou intercity railway have increased by 208.35%, reflecting a sustained surge in travel enthusiasm.

Within this week, there have been significant changes in both passenger volume and various payment methods on the Guangzhou-Zhaoqing and Guangzhou-Huizhou intercity railways. In addition to the over 70,000 passengers on the first day of operation, the number of passengers also reached new highs on June 1 and 2, with 86,000 and 117,000 passengers respectively.

The number of registered users of the multi-payment ticketing system has also increased by 155,000, accounting for 33.66% of ticket purchases.

According to Guangdong Intercity Railway, to ensure smooth travel for passengers, volunteers were on duty at various stations during the initial opening, to provide enhanced travel guidance.

Additionally, they arranged a standby train group at Foshan West and Huizhou North High-Speed Railway Stations respectively, to tackle any temporary surges in passenger flow.

Editor | Hong Ting, Holly, Will, James

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