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Over 100,000 visitors celebrate Chinese New Year at Guangdong Science Center

From the second day to the eighth day of the Chinese New Year, the exhibition halls and theater of the Guangdong Science Center received over 100,000 visitors, offering people knowledge while they celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The center has recently introduced its innovative "Spring Science Market," featuring 16 activities across four categories: stamp collection, interactive, gaming, and exhibition. These entertaining and informative science-themed games cover a wide range of fields, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, and traditional culture. Additionally, various exhibitions have also been represented for the visitors, including the astronomy photography exhibition, Chinese New Year film exhibition, and the inaugural exhibition of outstanding science fiction artworks by students from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Furthermore, three popular science films premier during the event, and the science performance stage updates its captivating shows, allowing audiences to fully immerse themselves in the charm of science.

The "Spring Science Market" has garnered great popularity, attracting both adults and children to participate together, blending fun with learning. The wall at the Spring Science Market has become a popular photo spot for families to capture heartwarming moments together. Crowds gathered around various science booths as visitors meticulously planned their routes to experience them all. Moreover, the shows on the science performance stage further enhanced the festive atmosphere throughout the exhibition halls. The combination of learning and entertainment at the market created an ideal environment where everyone can discover their own surprises and enjoy the activities to the fullest.

During the Chinese New Year, both the IMAX 3D theater and the dome theater at the science theater have become favorites among audiences. The IMAX 3D theater boasts an ultra-large NAMOS nanosilver screen, a Barco dual 4K projector, and Dolby Atmos sound system, offering the audiences an immersive experience of science and technology. The dome theater features a top-of-the-line global digital astronomical system, offering a breathtaking recreation of the universe's starry sky and celestial bodies. Amidst the flickering lights and shadows, audiences can embark on an immersive and vivid journey through the cosmos, experiencing the wonders of the universe firsthand.

According to reports, during the Chinese New Year holiday, the science theatershavescreened over 200 showings of 16 different films.

Source | Yangcheng Evening News

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