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The 20th International Cultural Industries Fair kicks off in Shenzhen, providing an unmissable cultural feast

The 20th International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF) kicked off in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province on May 23, lasting until May 27. It is expected to become an unmissable cultural feast. Spanning approximately 160,000 square meters, the fair features eight major exhibition halls, over 120,000 cultural products, and over 4,000 industrial projects. Visitors from around the world can experience fun culture and cutting-edge technology.

The Guangdong Pavilion will be a standout feature of this year's ICIF. The pavilion will display products from 381 enterprises across 21 cities and contributions from central cultural enterprises and exhibitors from Hong Kong and Macao. This section will feature 20,000 cultural products, highlighting Guangdong's pivotal role in the cultural industry.

A key attraction within the Guangdong Pavilion is the "Large Model Industry Application Hall," showcasing eight representative large models. Twenty-one cities in Guangdong Province present their cultural products, showcasing Guangdong's efforts in promoting Lingnan culture, supporting environmental projects, and building a beautiful Guangdong.

The fair will promote cultural consumption through online and offline platforms, aiming to boost transactions of intangible cultural heritage products, popular domestic IP derivative cultural products, and specialty agricultural products from the Greater Bay Area.

Reporter: Nick

Poster: Lulu

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