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Italian entrepreneur: prospects for foreign trade in Guangzhou are good for sure

Giulia Ravasi from Milan, Italy, has been in Guangzhou for six years and is now living in Yuexiu District. She set up a company that imports European goods to China and also provides consulting services for companies in China and abroad.

Ravasi's office is in Haizhu District, the epicenter of the recent outbreak in Guangzhou. To contain the spread of COVID-19, the district has implemented strengthened prevention and control measures, which require residents in high-risk and controlled zones to stay home and suspend public transport services.

Due to the prevention and control measures, Ravasi has been working from home these days.

According to Ravasi, her business is not much different from before, as most of her clients are abroad. She keeps in touch with her clients and suppliers through email, WeChat, Zoom, Teams, and Skype. But there are still some delays compared with previous months, and her vendors are affected a bit by the lockdown measures. Meanwhile, the restriction on free travel makes it kind of hard to catch new business opportunities.

Despite these temporary difficulties, Ravasi believes that the prospects for foreign trade in the city are still "good for sure". "Guangzhou is too important for international trade," she said.

Reporter: Monica, Holly

Video editor: Zoey

Editor: Wing, Olivia, Nan, Ou Xiaoming, Jerry

Video provided by Giulia Ravasi

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