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New university established in Shenzhen

A bird's-eye view of the campus of Shenzhen University of Advanced Technology. File photo

The Shenzhen University of Advanced Technology recently obtained approval from China’s Ministry of Education for its establishment, according to the university.

The university announced that it will begin enrollment of its inaugural cohort of undergraduates from Guangdong Province. Successful candidates will pursue studies in computer science and technology during their first year. Afterwards, they will be able to select a major according to their interests, with choices including computer science and technology, materials science, and biotechnology, among others.

Situated in Guangming Science City, the university aims to establish a comprehensive discipline system aligned with national strategic development goals and the advancement of national strategic and emerging industries.

Professors from the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Shenzhen University of Advanced Technology will also cooperate to cultivate talent.

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