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2023 China Digital Economy Innovation Development Conference kicks off in Shantou on August 16

The 2023 China Digital Economy Innovation Development Conference kicks off in Shantou, an eastern city in Guangdong province known as the "hometown of overseas Chinese", on August 16. A forum on the development of new digital economy infrastructure will be highlighted during the conference.

Shing-Tung Yau, a Chinese-American mathematician and a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Joseph Sifakis, Turing Prize winner and a member of the National Academy of Engineering, Xu Ningsheng, President of Fudan University and a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other representatives from the government, top-tier industry think tanks, domestic and international telecom operators, internet giants, communication equipment enterprises, and world-leading universities and institutes were invited to participate.

Discussions will revolve around key topics like the construction of new digital economy infrastructure, the establishment of green computing networks, China-ASEAN communication interconnectivity, the creation of digital infrastructure industrial clusters, comprehensive integration of data resources, international communication service interconnectivity, and the industrial application of SD-WAN (networking technology) and related equipment product testing and certification.

The forum will provide a comprehensive platform for experts from home and abroad to conduct dialogues on China's digital economy development, analyzing how to create an essential window for China's international cooperation and innovative development of the digital economy and a national platform for the opening of the digital economy to serve overseas Chinese. In recent years, Shantou has been striving for an international computing hub, giving full play to its advantages of Guangdong Province, a prominent digital economy province, and its global communication infrastructure.

The forum will also invite experts, scholars, and corporate executives from leading enterprises in the digital economy field to provide insights on how new technologies, applications, and models of digital economy infrastructure can be deeply integrated with the "overseas Chinese" economy. Discussions will also cover how green computing networks and other new digital infrastructures can empower the development of the "overseas Chinese" economy.

Photo provided by GDToday

Reported by Nan, Zelda (intern)

Edited by Olivia, Steven and James

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