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Dongguan grassroots racer wins championship with makeshift equipment

In a recent viral story, Dongguan grassroots racer Guo Xiaopeng won a championship in a motorcycle race with his "makeshift" equipment, becoming a realistic version of "Pegasus Racing," a popular movie that tells the story of an underdog chasing his dreams in the world of racing.

Guo Xiaopeng training in Machong, Dongguan

From May 1 to 2, Guo participated in the "红珊车王" Motorcycle Invitational Race in Xiamen. Despite having less competitive racing motorcycles and equipment compared to other participants, Guo managed to secure the fastest lap time in the rain qualifying session (known as "pole position") in the 600CC category and also emerged as the champion in the rookie group.

Guo Xiaopeng

Overwhelmed with emotion after his victory, Guo Xiaopeng, tears streaming down his face, pointed to the scorecard beside him and said with a trembling voice, "Many people said I couldn't do it, but I had to prove myself."

In May 2023, Guo Xiaopeng signed a contract with the Dongguan Yueqi Racing Club and has been living and training in Machong Town, Dongguan ever since. This championship victory holds extraordinary significance for Guo, who had pieced together his equipment through various means. His passionate speech has gone viral on the internet, with netizens referring to it as a real-life depiction of the movie "Pegasus Racing."

Guo Xiaopeng

Guo Xiaopeng's story has touched the hearts of numerous netizens, and the racing story in Dongguan continues to unfold.

Dongguan, as a frontier in the era of reform and opening up, has long embraced racing culture, a foreign import that has taken root and flourished in the city. In recent years, the Guangdong Speed International Circuit, located in Machong Town, has provided a crucial platform for motorsports in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Racing events, karting, car exhibitions, and drifting competitions are frequently held here.

Guangdong Speed International Circuit located in Machong, Dongguan

Dongguan's inclusive attitude towards automotive culture has also attracted many internet influencers in the automotive field to settle in the city. Influential automotive blogger "Brother Xiaogang" and his team have established their base in Humen Town, Dongguan, while the "Simon's Magic Garage" team has set up operations in Houjie Town and Machong Town. Houjie Town hosts multiple car shows and modified car exhibitions every year, and the area is also home to numerous bloggers specializing in fields such as used cars, automotive glass, and automotive photography.

In recent years, Dongguan has been accelerating the construction of an ecosystem for the development of the new energy industry. It is believed that in the near future, Dongguan will witness the emergence of new forms of automotive culture and racing culture.

Reporter: Xie Maishi

Editor: Nan, James

Photo: Nanfang Plus

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