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Expats in Guangzhou join volunteer team: We are all same humankind

"Hello, this is your package."

Malaysian girl Christina loves her new "job" as a volunteer in Guangzhou's Haizhu. Sending packages to people's doors, putting up signs like "testing location" to remind people, informing everyone on the roll to come down to do their tests, confirming and collecting the resident's data... These are what Christina and her boyfriend Ellis have done in the past few days.

In the current wave of COVID-19 in Guangzhou, Haizhu reports over 90 percent of the city's infections. To contain the virus, a huge societal effort has been made, in particular, many volunteers have fought day and night at the front line against the pandemic.

Christina has been in Guangzhou for 15 years and works in foreign trade industry in Guangzhou, and her boyfriend, Ellis, is from the United States and is currently a college English teacher. They are now living in Haizhu District and joined the volunteer team these days to help fight against COVID-19.

Christina said that her first reason to join the volunteer team was just to lend a hand, "I think the most important is to show we are all same humankind with the same blood color and heart."  

Christina is helping to deliver takeaway. 

Christina is helping to deliver takeaway. 

Christina is confirming and collecting the resident's data. 

Christina and Ellis found out that most residents are well organized, and people's friendliness to them impressed them a lot. "Everyone I worked with was very kind to me and didn't treat me differently for the most part," said Ellis, "The other volunteers are very enthusiastic."

 Ellis is helping to deliver packages to people's doorsteps.

 Ellis is helping to deliver packages to people's doorsteps.

Ellis is helping to deliver packages to people's doorsteps.

In addition to volunteering in their spare time, like many other people, Christina and Ellis still work most of the day. Since the recent resurgence of the epidemic, Christina has been working online at home every day, while Ellis has been giving online classes to students and cooking and exercising sometimes. "Volunteering also allows us to get more daily exercise to help us stay fit these days," Christina joked.

Christina and Ellis hope that Guangzhou can win the battle against the virus and safeguard the sustainable growth of the city. "Guangzhou Jiayou (hang in there)!"

 Christina shared at her WeChat Moments that she loved the volunteer job that night. 

Reporter: Rofel, Holly

Video editor: Guo Guo, Ou Xiaoming

Editor: Wing, Olivia, Nan, Steven, Monica, Jerry

Photos and video provided by Christina and Ellis

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