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Debut of overseas warehouse display area: 135th Canton Fair opens today

On April 15th, the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) commences. This Canton Fair will be the first trial to establish a cross-border e-commerce comprehensive trial zone and an overseas warehouse display area, covering an area of 3,000 square meters.

The current Canton Fair is themed around "Advanced Manufacturing," "Quality Home Furnishings," and "Better Living" for its first, second, and third phases respectively. Additionally, there's a concerted effort to bolster the development of new themes such as new energy vehicles and smart mobility, industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, new energy, and exhibitions concerning"New Energy Vehicles, Lithium Batteries, Solar Cells" among others. Moreover, the smart living zone has been significantly expanded, with a focus on strengthening seven exhibition areas adjusted across three phases, including building materials, bathroom fittings, toys, and maternity and baby products. Overall, the fair boasts a more pronounced theme and deeper integration of themes.

"We are ready! We will definitely get orders!" With the upcoming exhibition, Guangzhou Consumer Goods and Services Group Ltd.(GCGS), the "old friend" of the Canton Fair, has early arrangements in place with several experienced exhibitors proficient in Korean, French, Spanish, and other minor languages, to provide overseas businessmen with "hometown-like sense of cordiality".Ge Weizhi, the deputy general manager of GCGS, told the reporter from Yangcheng Evening Newsthatbased on the company's core businesses, they will showcase textile apparel, plastics, chemical products, furniture, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment and other products through three phases of this Canton Fair.

In 2023, the Canton Fair's spectacle frequently trended on social media, leading to widespread discussion everywhere in Guangzhou. Accordingly, this year's first Canton Fair is bound to usher in a new boom. As of April 13th, the Canton Fair has 144,000 overseas buyers from 215 countries and regions pre-registered. Registrations from the United States have increased by 21.4%, OECD countries by 13%, Middle Eastern countries by 24.7%, "Belt and Road Initiative" partners by 45.9%, and RCEP countries by 15.5%. Two hundred and eighty-eight leading enterprises and industrial and commercial institutions have confirmed to organize delegations to participate, marking a 21.5% increase compared to the previous session.

Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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