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Shantou International Lantern Show set to illuminate the night

Shantou is poised to launch the "2024 Shantou International Lantern Show" in the port-opening area of Shantou Small Park from February 24th to March 15th, igniting a vibrant atmosphere of joy, harmony, and celebration.

During the Lantern Festival night, the streets surrounding the Small Park will come alive with a folk parade brimming with local flavor. Residents and tourists will be invited to immerse themselves in the interactive park experience, embracing the rich historical heritage and unique folk culture of this centuries-old commercial port.

The Lantern Festival marks the first significant traditional celebration following the Chinese New Year. On this auspicious day, a lot of activities including riddle guessing, lantern appreciation, and festive celebrations are organized, symbolizing people's aspirations for a year filled with prosperity and peace. In Chaoshan, lanterns display a stunning variety of intricate designs. Crafted with a fusion of traditional techniques, they harmoniously incorporate elements from Chaoshan's distinctive cultural arts, such as Chaozhou opera, embroidery, and clay sculpture. With their rich cultural connotations and distinct local characteristics, these lanterns stand as invaluable treasures of traditional folk art in Guangdong Province. Additionally, they evoke poignant memories of the Lantern Festival, carrying a deep sense of nostalgia for Chaoshan people both at home and abroad.

The evening of February 24th (the 15th day of the Chinese New Year) will see an illumination ceremony at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Pavilion in the Small Park. Overseas guests, Chaoshan residents, and representatives from multiple sectors in Chaoshan will be invited to partake in this celebration event, enjoying the enchanting world of lanterns and cherishing moments of reunion. Following the illumination ceremony, an array of interactive activities will be awaiting attendees, including a lantern market, an ancient-style parade, experiences showcasing intangible cultural heritage, lantern riddle contests, dragon dance performances, and Yingge dance performances. These activities will offer citizens and tourists a distinctive glimpse into Chaoshan's rich cultural heritage, showing Shantou's folk traditions, unique intangible cultural heritage, and the charm of the hometown of overseas Chinese.

Lantern appreciation is the highlight of this event, with a variety of dragon-themed lanterns garnering significant attention and anticipation. Five colorful dragon pillars have been set up at street corners around the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Pavilion. In front of the Nansheng Department Store, a themed lantern wall for this show has been installed. To highlight the characteristics of the hometown of overseas Chinese, lanterns representing iconic buildings and special products from countries where overseas Chinese in Chaoshan are mainly concentrated, such as the Grand Palace in Thailand, the Merlion Park in Singapore, the Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia, and the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates, will be designed to create a themed exotic street with unique characteristics.

Source | Yangcheng Evening News

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