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Musical drama "Chinese Dream in Dongguan" to be performed in Guangzhou on July 20 to 21

The original musical drama "Chinese Dream in Dongguan," co-produced by the Dongguan government and Mahua FunAge (开心麻花), will be touring the Guangdong Friendship Theater in Guangzhou from July 20 to 21.

It is estimated that over 200 million people have worked and lived in Dongguan since China's reform and opening-up. The East Dongguan railway station was the first stop for these dreamers and builders as they headed south to seek their fortunes. This epic journey of these individuals have helped transform Dongguan from an agricultural town into a city with a GDP exceeding one trillion yuan and a population of over 10 million. Centered around this era-defining theme, the original musical "Chinese Dream in Dongguan" was born.

The musical portrays the story of a young woman, Wang Xueying, who came to Dongguan in the 1990s with nothing but dreams and determination. Starting from the East Dongguan railway station, the first stop of the journey, she and her friends worked tirelessly to realize their dreams and fulfill their life values in this pioneering city of reform and opening-up. The premiere of "Chinese Dream in Dongguan" in Dongguan on June 22-23 struck a strong chord with the audience and sparked lively discussions.

In conjunction with the national tour of "Chinese Dream in Dongguan," Dongguan is launching the "Finding 1/200 Millionth of 'Chinese Dream in Dongguan'" activity, inviting those who have worked and lived in Dongguan to revisit their old stomping grounds and share their memories. The activity has already received over 1,000 photos from 18 provinces and municipalities, capturing the youth and city sentiments of these individuals.

As the national tour of "Chinese Dream in Dongguan" heads to Guangzhou, Dongguan will continue the "Finding 1/200 Millionth of 'Chinese Dream in Dongguan'" activity in Guangzhou until July 21, collecting images and memories related to Dongguan's 46 years of reform and opening-up. Participants will have the opportunity to win prizes and be invited to watch the performance of "Chinese Dream in Dongguan" at the Guangdong Friendship Theater.

Reporter | Xie Maishi

Photo | Nanfang Plus

Editor | Will, James

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