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Concert commemorating friendship of Chinese and Kazakhstan musicians held in Guangzhou

A concert commemorating the friendship between Chinese musician Xian Xinghai and Kazakhstani musician Bakhytzhan Baikadamov took place at the Xinghai Concert Hall in Guangzhou on the evening of December 11.

The Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra (GSO), conducted by its music director Huang Yi, and five guest musicians from the Symphony Orchestra of the Yerkegali Rakhmadiyev State Academic Philharmonic jointly presented the concert, along with famous performing artists from Guangdong.

The five guest musicians from the Symphony Orchestra of the Yerkegali Rakhmadiyev State Academic Philharmonic, from left to right: Amankul Kokizhanova, Gulmira Sapargaliyeva, Bakhtiyar Kabiyev, Gulmira Toksanbayeva, and Sinelnikova Zulfiya.

GSO's music director Huang Yi (M) and the guest musicians from Kazakhstan pose for a group photo. 

The concert featured music pieces composed by Xian, such as "Amangeldy" and "Kazakh Dance," as well as "Bi Kuy" and "Su Tasushy Kyz" by Baikadamov. The repertoire also included a Kazakh folk song, "Lovely Little Rose", and other musical works composed by Xian, such as "On the Taihang Mountains," "To Go Behind Enemy Lines," and "Yellow River Cantata."

The version of "Amangeldy" performed at the concert was adapted by composer Bakir Bayakhunov upon the request of Baikadamov's daughter, Baykadamova. After GSO's performance, Baykadamova said she was very excited to hear it in Guangzhou, as this was the first time she had enjoyed it in the hometown of Xian.

Music score exchange between GSO and Kazakhstani musicians. 

The five guest musicians from Kazakhstan stated that the concert was a wonderful experience and held great significance for them. Four of them had come to China for the first time, and they expressed their hope that GSO would one day perform in Kazakhstan.

Reporter | Monica

Editor | Nan, James

Photos provided to GDToday

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