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Guangdong animation film "Into the Mortal World" announces release date after debut in Annecy, France

The recently showcased new Chinese-style animated film, "Into the Mortal World," produced by Winsing Animation, has announced its official release date of July 12 after its recent debut at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Market in France.

Multiple works by Winsing Animation featured at the China Pavilion of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival

The Guangdong-Europe Promotion Conference on Animation Films was held at the Annecy International Animation Film Market (Mifa), with a special focus on promoting high-quality Guangdong-produced films like "Into the Mortal World," attracting significant attention from the overseas market.

"Into the Mortal World" featured at the Guangdong-Europe Promotion Conference on Animation Films

Integrating Chinese cultural symbols like the twenty-eight constellations, the story of "Into the Mortal World" is inspired by the Chinese folktale "The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl" and unfolds the story of their descendants. It tells the tale of Jinfeng, the Weaver Girl's child, who descends to the mortal realm to redeem his mother by capturing the stars, and unexpectedly allies with Xiaofan, a mortal girl determined to ascend to the heavens to find her mother.

Release poster of "Into the Mortal World"

According to Winsing, "Into the Mortal World" was completed by over 50 top production teams and more than 2,000 animation artists for over five years.

The film's unique Oriental aesthetic is a major highlight. The divine realm in the film applies "weaving" and "fabric" as core visual elements, while the mortal world in the film is designed based on the style of the Song dynasty.

The ethereal divine realm in "Into the Mortal World"

According to Winsing, the film references historical texts and materials like "Along the River During the Qingming Festival," presenting a lively scene of daily life. Additionally, traditional elements such as ethereal clouds and mysterious talismans also highlight the film's unique new Chinese aesthetic.

The mortal world in "Into the Mortal World" was designed based on the Song dynasty style

The first sci-fi action web series "Shadows of the Void," co-produced by Winsing Animation and Bilibili, has received inquiries from many overseas buyers at Mifa as well.
"We have successfully signed with clients from the Commonwealth of Independent States, and there is interest from clients in the Middle East and Southeast Asia," revealed Liu Yaling, Director of Overseas Distribution at Winsing Animation.

Poster of "Shadows of the Void"

Since its early days as one of the first Chinese animation companies to go global in 2008, Winsing Animation has been expanding into overseas markets.

Since 2019, the "GG Bond" movie series, a well-known Chinese IP, has reached over 40 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, and India, featuring on major mainstream media platforms abroad.

Poster of "GG Bond: Interstellar Mission," the latest sequel of the series

Liu Yaling also mentioned that Winsing Animation's early education and intellectual property series "GOGO Bus" has performed well in the Indonesian market. This year, "GOGO Bus" was broadcasted and rebroadcasted on Rajawali Televisi (RTV) in Indonesia, and it entered Indonesian schools, engaging in deep interactions with local children.

RTV poster of "GOGO Bus 5"

"GOGO Bus" engages in activities in Indonesian schools

"Moving forward, Winsing Animation will continue to promote Chinese culture internationally. We aim to create more original IPs and high-quality works, enhancing engagement and cooperation with global media through various international film and television events, and increasing the recognition and popularity of Chinese animation overseas," said Yan Bing, Vice President of Winsing Animation.

Reporter | Chen Longyan

Editor | Abby, James

Photos provided to GDToday

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