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Theater stages award-winning and new dance works in Guangzhou

On the evening of August 16, the Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater staged a dozen award-winning and new dance works at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. The gala formed part of the 2023 Guangzhou Art Season, offering hefty discounts on tickets to the audience. 

During the gala, the theater presented excerpts from the Lotus Award-winning dance drama "Awakening Lion," the dragon boat-themed dance drama "Loong" and the dance work "Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake." The latter two dance works were newly granted an award at the 14th National Dance Exhibition in July, standing out from more than 860 dance acts and 36 stage productions nationwide. 

A stage photo of "Loong"

A stage photo of "Awakening Lion"

A stage photo of "Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake"

Among the new dance works, a women's group dance featuring dancers dressed in Nanyue Kingdom (204-111 BC) costumes was an absorbing production. The dance was inspired by the murals and figurines of dancers unearthed from the Nanyue Kingdom. 

In addition, the theater's leading dancers, Iiiwan Umar and Li Ao, also staged their new solo dances at the gala. 

A stage photo of the women's group dance featuring dancers dressed in Nanyue Kingdom (204-111 BC) costumes

A stage photo of Iiiwan Umar's solo dance

A stage photo of Li Ao's solo dance

The large-scale contemporary dance drama "Loong" will stage three consecutive performances at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing from September 1 to 3. Soon afterwards, the "Awakening Lion" and "Loong" will embark on another national tour. 

Reporter | Monica

Editor | Olivia, James

Photos and video provided to GDToday

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