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Contemporary oil painting exhibition kicks off in Dongguan

The 8th Exhibition of Guangdong Contemporary Oil Painting kicked off on May 16 at the Lingnan Art Museum and the 21 Space Art Museum in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. A total of 313 oil paintings will be displayed until July 9.

With the principle of integrating the traditional pursuit and modern awareness, the exhibition explores how oil paintings can participate in urban development and coexist with cities. It brings profound academic values and provides quality cultural services for the public.

The exhibition is divided into three sections to showcase the diversified pursuits of oil painting creation in Guangdong.

1. Landscape & Portrait

This section shows the spirit of the times, highlighting various figures and humanistic landscapes throughout history. It also emphasizes the study of the ontological language of oil painting and expresses the humanistic concerns of present times.

Work on display: "Memories of the Past I" by Chen Yunan陈裕楠《往事的浮现系列一》(Photo: WeChat account of China Academy of Art)

Work on display: "Traces Left Behind in Life" by Huang Weichao黄伟超《遗落在生命中的痕迹》(Photo: WeChat account of Guangdong Museum of Art)

2. Abstraction & Expression

This section focuses on the studies on the expression and abstraction of oil painting language.

Work on display: "Jumping Drama 4 " by Li Xinxin黎欣欣《跳跃剧情4》(Photo: WeChat account of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts)

3. Combination & Experiment

This section highlights the comprehensive application of media materials in oil painting and the multi-dimensional exploration of new vision.

Work on display: "The interesting story about a small city" by Ning Zijun宁梓军《小城趣事》(Photo: WeChat account of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts)

Among them, over 170 oil paintings in Landscape & Portrait as well as Abstraction & Expression sections will be exhibited in the 21 Space Art Museum.

Organized by the Guangdong Artists Association, the Exhibition of Guangdong Contemporary Oil Painting has been held for seven times so far. It aims to reflect the creation thoughts and trend of oil paintings in each period of Guangdong Province.

Date: May 9—July 9, 2023


1. Lingnan Art Museum (岭南画院)

No.1, Keyuan North Road, Guancheng Subdistrict, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province (广东省东莞市莞城街道莞城可园北路1号)

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 09:00 to 17:00

2. 21 Space Art Museum (二十一空间美术馆)

No. 36, Area H, Hyphen Commercial Center, No. 1 Huifeng Road, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province (广东省东莞市汇峰路1号汇峰中心H区36号)

Author: Ariel, Jessie (intern)

Editor: Olivia, Monica, Jerry

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