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First Frankfurt Dragonboat Festival brings a touch of China to Germany

On the morning of May 25th, the first Frankfurt Dragonboat Festival and the opening ceremony of the 2024 Frankfurt Chinafest took place along the scenic Main River in Frankfurt, Germany.

The event saw thousands of attendees, including representatives from the political, economic, cultural and sports sectors of China and Germany, as well as local citizens and overseas Chinese.

The dragon boat race features 22 teams from China, Germany, France, Italy and other countries and regions, including the Nansha dragon boat team from Frankfurt's sister city, Guangzhou. Over 500 athletes paddled vigorously to the rhythm of cheering spectators, skillfully slicing through the water.

Mike Josef, the mayor of Frankfurt, extended a warm welcome to the delegation from Guangdong Province. He remarked that dragon boat racing had long been a cherished tradition in Frankfurt and expressed his joy at seeing this beloved sport once again gracing the waters of the Main River.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere along the riverbank was equally vibrant with a variety of Chinese cultural performances such as Hanfu parades, Chinese folk music, classical dances, Shaolin martial arts demonstrations, Beijing opera performances and Tai Chi fan displays. Various stalls offering Chinese snacks, creative cultural products and Chinese literature provided a gateway to exploring Chinese culture.

This dragon boat race also marked the opening of the 2024 Frankfurt Chinafest. Chinese and German partners will host a series of events spanning trade, culture, youth activities and folk customs.

Reporter: Holly

Editor: Will, James

Photos provided to GDToday

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