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Guangdong tea culture shines in Singapore

On May 20, the day before the fourth International Tea Day, an event entitled "Tea for Harmony: Yaji Cultural Salon" featuring Guangdong's tea culture and intangible cultural heritage was held at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. Through tea culture, the event aims to enhance friendly dialogue and mutual learning between China and Singapore.

The event featured a graphic exhibition about traditional tea-making techniques, teaware making, tea ceremonies, and other related intangible cultural heritage projects in Guangdong. People could learn about Guangdong's oolong, black and green tea, as well as reprocessed tea-making techniques, the process of making charcoal stoves in Chaozhou, the Chaozhou Gongfu tea ceremony, Guqin art, etc.

Yaji, literally "gathering of elegance," was a common way for ancient Chinese literati to enjoy a collective cultural life. A yaji was also featured at the event, where guests appreciated the Chaozhou Gongfu tea ceremony, the Guqin art, and the Chinese eaglewood incense ceremony. In addition, they sampled Chaozhou Gongfu tea and enjoyed the smell of incense and guqin music at the intangible cultural heritage workshop during the event.

Intangible cultural heritage inheritors from Guangdong display Chaozhou Gongfu tea ceremony, the Guqin art, and the Chinese eaglewood incense ceremony.

Guests get hands-on experience of Guangdong's intangible cultural heritage.

Furthermore, on May 21, a Chaozhou Gongfu tea art flash mob was held at the HEYTEA WESTGATE store in Singapore. With the demonstration of Gongfu tea inheritors, the traditional charm and modern trend of tea culture were intertwined, which attracted many residents.

Author: Holly

Editor: Olivia, Steven, Monica, James

Photos provided to GDToday

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