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30 "one-stop" lanes start operation at Hengqin Port

On March 18, 30 "one-stop" inspection lanes for passengers and commercial vehicles started operating at Hengqin Port.

The number of daily vehicles passing through the 30 lanes is expected to be 16,000, with 15 lanes for exits and 15 for entries, 12 for freight vehicles and 18 for passengers. This will greatly improve customs clearance efficiency.

These special lanes will adopt the new customs clearance mode, which is "joint inspection and one-time release". Under this mode, five government departments from Guangdong and Macao, including Hengqin Customs, Hengqin Checkpoint, Macao Customs Service, Macao Public Security Police Force, and Macao Health Bureau, are able to complete the inspection process in the same lane and system simultaneously.

Statistics show that since the trial operation on September 26, 2023, Hengqin Port has inspected nearly 950,000 vehicles as of midnight on March 18. More than 6,400 vehicles passed through the border in a single day during peak hours.

According to a customs official in Hengqin, the average customs clearance time has been reduced to just 23 seconds so far, with efficiency improved by 40 percent.

Since the special customs operations from March 1, the number of passengers through the "first-tier" customs has exceeded 950,000, up 33.6 percent year-on-year, and that of vehicles surpassed 97,000, with about 65,000 single-plate cars.

Reporter | Fanny 

Video | Jimmy 

Editor | Steven, Monica, James 

Photos provided to GDToday

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