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China presents an alternate path to modernization that works: American philosopher

“There was thought to be only one way to modernize. And that was the way how the Europeans and Americans had modernized,” John Milligan-Whyte, an American philosopher and Chairman of America-China Partnership Foundation, told GDToday during the Bridges Global Chats held earlier in December. He believes China has found a path to modernization distinct from that taken by those Western countries.

China summarizes its modernization in five characteristics: the modernization of a huge population, of common prosperity for all, of material and cultural-ethical advancement, of harmony between humanity and nature and of peaceful development.

Along its path to modernization, “China has developed from one of the poorest countries in the world on a per capita basis into the second largest economy in less than one lifetime, and soon will be the largest economy in the world,” Milligan-Whyte noted.

“The Chinese path to modernization presents not only to developing countries an alternate model and a socialist model that works, but also to the developed countries that socialism is not a theory that cannot be successfully implemented,” Milligan-Whyte furthered, “It merely needs a special context which in China has been the Communist Party of China and the 1.4 billion Chinese people they represent.”

Reporter | Lydia Liu

Editor | Wing, Jasmine, Jerry

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