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Each nation has the right to adopt political system that fits for themselves

“President Xi Jinping has been stressing his goal of building a human community with a shared future and raising people’s living standards. This means each government has to respect multilateralism as well as each country’s identity, culture, lifestyle and decision so as to improve living standards of every resident around the globe," said Oscar Parrilli, Senator of the Argentine Nation, on Understanding China·Greater Bay Area Dialogue.

He believes that the socialism with Chinese characteristics has helped China achieve great leap forward on economy and people’s living standards. "So, I believe the Republic of Argentina also need a capitalism with Argentine characteristics and each nation should adopt the political system fits for themselves," he added.

The “Understanding China·Greater Bay Area Dialogue” is in full swing in Guangzhou, south China’s Guangdong province, from April 18 to 20, with the theme of Chinese Modernization and New Opportunities for the World. GDToday is one of the media sponsors of this conference.

Repoter | Rofel

Poster | Lulu

Editor | Wing, Steven, Jasmine

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