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Embrace summer vibes in blossoming Guangzhou

As summer unfolds in Guangzhou, the streets and parks of the city burst into a tapestry of colors with blooming summer flowers. Here are some must-visit places to immerse yourself in the city's floral splendor.


No summer experience is complete without admiring the beauty of lotus flowers. At the Lotus Mountain Tourism Area, the ongoing Guangzhou Panyu Lotus Culture and Tourism Festival showcases a thousand varieties of lotus flowers, blooming in all their graceful elegance.

(Photo: Lotus Mountain Tourism Area)

Additionally, 40,000 lotus plants in Baiyun District's Luoyong Park, the lotus pond at Liuhua Lake Park, and the scenic 1,000-square-meter lotus display at Baomo Garden are also worth visiting.

(Photo: Nanfang Daily)

Recommended viewing spots: Lotus Mountain Scenic Area, Baomo Garden, Liuhua Lake Park, Luoyong Park, Liwan Lake Park, Dongcheng Lotus Garden, Daifu Mountain Forest Park, Daling Village (莲花山景区, 宝墨园, 流花湖公园, 螺涌公园, 荔湾湖公园, 东成荷花园, 大夫山森林公园, 大岭村)

Crape myrtle

Summer marks the splendid season of crape myrtle flowers. In parks and along streets across Guangzhou, clusters of pink and purple flowers adorn the tree canopies, creating a starry sky-like scenery.

(Photo: Guangzhou Huangpu Fabu)

The 2024 Panyu Crape Myrtle Cultural and Tourism Festival is currently underway at the Yuyin Shanfang Garden and will continue until August 31. The festival features exhibitions of crape myrtle bonsai and water lilies. The combination of crape myrtle trees and bonsai against the backdrop of ancient architecture provides visitors with a vivid and layered summer tableau.

(Photo provided by Hao Zai)

Recommended viewing spots: Yuyin Shanfang Garden, Zhujiang Park, Tianhe Park, Yuexiu Park, Liuhua Lake Park, Dongshan Lake Park, Baiyun Lake Park, Haizhu National Wetland Park, Huacheng Square (余荫山房, 珠江公园, 天河公园, 越秀公园, 流花湖公园, 东山湖公园, 白云湖公园, 海珠国家湿地公园, 花城广场), and road-side spots such as Guangzhou Avenue Wuyang Overpass, Linjiang Avenue, and Xingang East Road.


In Hongcheng Park on Ersha Island, the sunflower sea unfolds as expected. Facing city landmarks such as the Canton Tower and Haixin Bridge, fields of sunflowers shine under the sunlight, creating waves of golden hues with the breeze. The late afternoon, especially from 4 to 5 PM, provides the perfect opportunity to capture these vibrant scenes.

(Photo: Nanfang Daily)

Recommended viewing spots: Hongcheng Park (宏城公园)

Spider flower

Recently, Guangzhou Innovation Park in Huangpu District has become a sea of blooming spider flowers, creating a romantic and enchanting landscape. The colors of the blossoms, resembling dancing butterflies, perfectly complement the park's lush greenery and illuminate the summer.

(Photo: Guangzhou Huangpu Fabu)

Recommended viewing spot: Guangzhou Innovation Park (广州创新公园)

Reporter: Holly

Poster: Mia

Editor: Abby, James

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