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Lotus Festival in Diaoli Village kicks off this weekend

As it approaches the midsummer, the second Lotus Festival in Diaoli Village, Jiangpu Subdistrict, Conghua, will open on July 6th, 2024, with a series of activities continuing until August.

This year, the best time to view the lotus flowers in Diaoli Village is from July to mid-August, specifically between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. Visiting the 200-mu (nearly 33 acres) Dongcheng Lotus Garden in Diaoli Village feels like stepping into a sea of lotus flowers, where you can even ride a traditional black-awning boat to enjoy a sense of Jiangnan (areas south of the Yangtze River) life.

In addition, it is currently the lychee harvest season in Conghua. The combination of lotus flowers and lychees creates a poetic scene.

On the opening day, Diaoli Village will host a series of exciting activities, including performances by the Diaoli Village Hakka lion dance team, brass band performances, and Hakka mountain song duets. A special food area will also be set up on-site, allowing visitors to enjoy authentic rural cuisine while admiring the beautiful lotus scenery.

This year's Lotus Festival features new attractions to enjoy and photograph, such as stage performances, traditional black-awning boat rides, a carp viewing platform, and a lotus banquet. Additionally, from time to time, Diaoli Village will organize educational tours, offering experiences such as lotus painting, lotus handicraft making, lotus picking, DIY cold process soap making with lotus flowers, and fishing in the lotus pond.

Editor | Tang Zhiyu, Ge Yuting, Holly, Abby, James

Photo | Guangzhou Conghua Fabu

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