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Fruit Map | What seasonal fruits can you enjoy during a GD winter?

2021-Nov-19       Source: newsgd.com

In winter, Guangdong is relatively warm compared with the north, and there are many seasonal fruits available. What fruits are featured in Guangzhou and its surrounding regions now? Here are some recommendations for you, and some places even offer fruit-picking services!

In winter, Guangdong is relatively warm compared with the north, and there are many seasonal fruits available. What fruits are featured in the Pearl River Delta region now? Here are some recommendations for you, and some places even offer fruit-picking services!

Deqing County, Zhaoqing: Tribute Mandarin (贡柑)

(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

Tribute mandarin is an excellent fruit variety widely planted in South China, and Deqing County is one of the most famous places for growing tribute mandarin. With a superior geographical location and fertile soil, the tribute mandarin grown in Deqing has the advantages of sweet orange, sugar tangerine and honey pomelo, and it has a history of 1,300 years.

With golden and thin peel, sweet and refreshing taste and little fruit pomace, tribute mandarin is popular at home and abroad. Deqing has successfully sold this fruit to the Netherlands, Singapore, Germany and other places, sending out an invitation of "Guangdong Deqing tribute mandarin, have a try".

Conghua District, Guangzhou: Rose Tangerine (玫瑰柑)

(Photo: Nanfang Rural Newspaper)

Winter is citrus season. In Conghua District, there is a kind of citrus with a romantic name, "rose tangerine", which is a modified version of the Orah mandarin. With thick flesh and thin peel, this kind of juicy fruit is highly praised as it "smells better than an orange and sweeter than a mandarin".

The farmers use the rose petals dropped in the rose garden as raw materials to produce the unique organic fertilizer, leading to the mellow flavor and sweet taste of the rose tangerine.

At "UMIZZ Citrus Planet (UMIZZ柑橘星球)" in Conghua District, large tracts of rose oranges are grown and a fruit-picking service is available here. It is currently being upgraded and is expected to open to visitors in January 2022.

Zengcheng District, Guangzhou: Sugar Tangerine (砂糖橘)

(Photos: Nanfang Youpin)

Sugar tangerine gets its name from its sweet taste, as sweet as sugar. It originated in mountainous regions in Guangdong. Due to the superior geographical location and the natural climate as well as other irreplaceable factors, authentic Guangdong sugar tangerines have an irreplaceable quality.

Zengcheng District is a famous high-quality agricultural production area in Guangdong. In the highest mountain area in the north of Zengcheng, there is fertile yellow soil as well as pollution-free irrigation water and fresh air, this natural environment breeds healthy fruit trees. In addition, farmers always wait until the fruit is ripe enough on the tree before picking it, so that it retains its natural sweetness.

Zengcheng District, Guangzhou: Mishi Red Persimmon (密石红柿)

(Photo: Guangzhou Zengcheng Fabu)

Persimmon is also a seasonal fruit in autumn and winter. Located in the north of Zengcheng District, a mountain village called Mishi is famous for its abundance of red persimmon, which has been cultivated for more than three hundred years.

The village is located in a mountainous area with highly organic soils. Mishi red persimmon is one of the "ten treasures of Zengcheng", the vast majority of which are seedless with the rich taste of sweet, soft and smooth. What's more, they can also be made into persimmon cake, dried persimmon, persimmon sauce and other delicious products.

Foshan: Figs (无花果)

(Photo: Foshan Municipal Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau)

The harvest period of figs lasts until January. Foshan is one of the major fig-producing regions in Guangdong. There are planting bases in Nanhai, Gaoming, Sanshui and other districts, many of which provide tourists with fruit-picking services. On some local fruit farms, figs are regularly fertilized with organic manure mixed with milk, which makes figs large and sweet.

In addition to being eaten straight away, fresh figs can also be used in dishes. A local specialty in Foshan is a soup of figs and chicken, and it is served in many fruit farms to visitors. Figs can also be made into fig tea, fig cream, dried figs and other characteristic delicacies.

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