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Guide to celebrating Mother's Day in Guangdong this weekend

With Mother’s Day happening this weekend, it’s time to start making those plans! Whether you’re spending the weekend with your mom, your children or another loved one, here are some ideas for you to celebrate Mother’s Day in Guangdong!

Tourist spots

Pearl River cruise with delicacies

Starting today, Guangzhou Public Transport Group Liner is offering a 32% discount on all dim sum on its Taigu Cang · Teahouse on Water (太古仓·水上茶居) Pearl River cruise line, with its popular dim sum set back on the menu. Come to the Teahouse on Mother’s Day and participate in the free DIY dried flower bookmark activity to capture beautiful memories. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the Pearl River’s charming night view and family time on the Lingnan-themed boat. Follow the WeChat account (ID: gzliner) to get more information. 

(Photo: Guangzhou Public Transport Group Liner)

Lingnan Impression Garden

Why not take your mother to hike and relax in the Lingnan Impression Garden? You can also immerse yourself in Lingnan folk culture by watching lion dances, Cantonese opera, and puppet shows, as well as magic, acrobatics, singing and dancing performances. There are also various gifts to choose from. Night tours are available on May 13-14.

Opening hours: 9:30-22:00 (May 13-14)

Add.: Lingnan Impression Garden, No. 1 Outer Ring Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou (广州市番禺区外环西路1号岭南印象园)

Nearest metro station: Exit B, Higher Education Mega Center S., Line 4 or 7

(Photo: Lingnan Impression Garden)

Baomo Garden

Baomo Garden is offering a free “Herbal Sachet DIY” experience and a special discount on Cantonese cuisine. You can also choose gifts for your mother, enjoy the rose garden, and take a boat ride while feeding koi fish. There is also an event for mothers to learn about Chinese medicine and make DIY Sachets for free.

Time: 9:00-17:00, May 14, 2023

Add.: Next to the Zhaotailai Art Palace in Baomo Garden (宝墨园内赵泰来艺术宫)

Transportation: Take Guangzhou Metro Line 3, get off at Shiqiao Station, use Exit B, then transfer to Panyu Bus No. 67, and get off at the Baomo Garden Terminal.

(Photo: Baomo Garden)

How to participate:

1. Follow the Baomo Garden WeChat official subscription account, and send a photo taken with your mother at Baomo Garden to the WeChat account to have a chance to get two tickets to Baomo Garden and two sachet DIY experience coupons (10 sets available, first come, first served).

2. The first 80 people to purchase a ticket package for both Baomo Garden and Nanyueyuan Garden will have the chance to experience the DIY event. 

(Photo: Baomo Garden)

Guangzhou Vanilla World

Bring your mother to experience the lavender flower field, take beautiful photos on Armstrong Street, and play with small animals and feed them. Riding the Ferris wheel is also a great choice.

Opening hours: 9:00-18:00

Add.: Guangzhou Vanilla World, No. 8 Huafu Road, Huashan Town, Guangzhou (广州市花山镇花芙路8号香草世界)

(Photo: Guangzhou Vanilla World)

Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) East

Come to OCT for Mother’s Day and arrange an immersive trip for your mother to relax both physically and mentally.

Knight Valley Park is a wonderful place to go. You can experience the observation tower, glass bridge, and cloud-sea cableway in the Cloud Tribe, enjoy the beautiful mountain and sea scenery, take photos with the rainbow staircase and pink beach, interact closely with cute pets, and participate in some exciting activities.


1 female and 1 adult (225 RMB)

1 female + 1 child under 1.5 meters (168 RMB)

Scan the QR code below to purchase tickets.

(Photo: Shenzhen OCT East)


Documentary Being a Mother

On May 14, the Guangzhou Documentary Center at the Guangzhou Library will present a documentary dedicated to mothers – the documentary Being a Mother. This film features five mothers and eight children, capturing the true and mundane aspects of family life. The director hopes to showcase the unique experience when contemporary women become mothers. At the event, the documentary’s director Jia Yi and Dr. Shen Yaqin, a doctorate in educational psychology, will also be present to interact with the audience.

Time: 14:30-17:00, May 14, 2023

Add.: B1, Guangzhou Library, No.4 Zhujiang Dong Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (广州市天河区珠江东路4号广州图书馆负一层)

How to participate: Follow the official WeChat account of “广图纪录片中心” (pinyin: Guang Tu Ji Lu Pian Zhong Xin) and reply “妈妈” (pinyin: Ma Ma) in the chat to obtain the registration link.

(Photo: Guangzhou Documentary Center)

Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra Concert

On the evening of Mother’s Day, May 14, the Shenzhen Concert Hall will present a wonderful feast of strings and bows, the “Music in Spring – Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra’s Six Cellos Concert”. The concert will also feature composer Zhu Bin participating in the adaptation of the music. Popular music works such as Salut D’amour, Mom’s Kiss, and Mama in the Candlelight will be presented in a new form of a cello sextet. 

Time: 19:30, May 14, 2023 

Venue: Theater Studio, Shenzhen Concert Hall (深圳音乐厅)

Tickets: 220/180/120/60 RMB

(Photo: henzhen Concert Hall)

Musical: One Fine Day

On May 14, the Shenzhen Pingshan Theater (深圳坪山大剧院) will present the musical One Fine Day, which tells the story of a mother who is diagnosed with cancer and decides to give up treatment to spend time with her daughter, teaching her how to face death and separation through daily life and stories in limited time. The play was first performed in China’s Taiwan in 2017 and was shortlisted for three awards at the Daegu International Musical Festival in the Republic of Korea. 

Time: 15:00, May 14, 2023

Duration: 80 minutes 

Tickets: 380/280/180/80 RMB

Scan the QR code to buy tickets.

(Photo: Shenzhen Pingshan Theater)

Tongqu Yigong Orchestra’s Concert

On May 14, the Tongqu Yigong Orchestra will hold a concert at the Foshan Grand Theatre in Guangdong, with the theme of gratitude for maternal love. At that time, there will be classic songs such as Big Fish, Mama in the Candlelight and Dad’s Grass Shoes.

Time: 19:30, May 14, 2023

Venue: Small Theatre, Foshan Grand Theatre (佛山大剧院小剧场)

Duration: 80 minutes

Scan the code to purchase tickets.

(Photo: Foshan Grand Theatre)


Recite Song of the Wanderer to win a discount on tickets for your mother

On this special Mother’s Day weekend, as long as your kid recites the full poem of Song of the Wanderer (游子吟) at the ticket office of the Grandview Museum of Nature Science, you can receive a 50% discount on an adult ticket.

Time: May 13-14, 2023

Add.: Ticket office on the 6th floor of Grandview Museum of Nature Science (正佳自然科学博物馆)

(Photo: Grandview Plaza)

Make a dry flower card by hand and give it to mom as a gift

The activity is free, but admission tickets are not included.

Time: 11:15 & 15:30, May 14, 2023

Add.: Nature Exploration Center, Grandview Museum of Nature Science

How to participate: on-site registration

(Photo: Grandview Plaza)

Little Chef for Mommy

Highlight: Make a cake for your mommy and have fun with her!

Event Process:

14:00-14:30 Check-in at the Panda Castle

14:30-14:40 Lobby ice-breaking games

14:40-15:00 Seating & uniform change

15:00-16:00 Cake making & awards ceremony & group photo

16:00-16:15 Parrot flying show

16:15-17:00 Fan painting section & fan painting group photo

17:30-21:00 Enjoy a delicious buffet dinner

Time: May 14

Venue: Chimelong Panda Hotel (长隆熊猫酒店)

Note: For 3-8-year-old children only

(Photo: Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort)

Warmth for Mother’s Day - Parent-child activities

Highlight: Introduction to the origin of Mother’s Day, games, painting, and other activities

Time: 14:30, May 14, 2023

Venue: Citizen Space, Dongguan Library (东莞图书馆)

(Photo: Dongguan Library)

DIY Flower Hats for Mother

Time: 15:00-16:00, May 14, 2023

Venue: Public Service Center on the second floor of the King’s Palace exhibition area of the Nanyue King Museum (南越王博物院王宫展区)

Number of participants: 15 people (aged 7 and above)

(Photo: Nanyue King Museum)

Colourful Spring Blessings - DIY 3D Greeting Cards

Time: 15:00-16:00, May 13, 2023

Venue: First floor of the comprehensive building in the King’s Tomb exhibition area of the Nanyue King Museum (南越王博物院王墓展区)

Number of participants: 15 people (no age limit)

(Photo: Nanyue King Museum)


The China Hotel is introducing a special Mother’s Day set meal, so come and taste authentic Michelin-star Cantonese cuisine with your mother. People who buy a Mother’s Day set meal for six or ten people will receive a gift package of colourful zongzi. Each lady can receive a portion of pumpkin, abalone, and fish maw on May 13-14, during lunch and dinner time.

(Photo: The China Hotel)

The Connoisseur restaurant at The Garden Hotel Guangzhou, which is quiet and elegant and a great place to celebrate the holidays, has introduced the “Chef’s Memories” menu featuring authentic Portuguese cuisine. Chef Edgar Alves from Portugal became interested in making delicacies under the influence of his grandmother. The menu is inspired by local ingredients, with Mediterranean cooking methods such as pickling, which tickles the taste buds of guests.

(Photo: The Garden Hotel Guangzhou)

The Market Cafe of the Grand Hyatt Guangzhou will invite all mothers dining at the restaurant to participate in a lucky draw. During the lunch period, the prizes include lunch vouchers for one person and cash vouchers for the Market Cafe; for dinner, the prizes include dinner vouchers for one person, vouchers for the Market Cafe and cash coupons for a spa.

(Photo: Grand Hyatt Guangzhou)


Have you decided what to give your mother on Mother’s Day? Come to the Lingnan Flower Market and choose from the best selection!

Carnations are considered to be the symbol of maternal love and have become the best-selling flowers recently. The price of carnations is 35 RMB per bunch, with 20 stems; peonies are also popular among mothers. The price for a bouquet is between 20-50 RMB.

Metro: Take Guangzhou Metro Line 5 to Jiaokou Station (滘口), use Exit A2 and walk 1.5km.

Self-driving: Navigate to Lingnan Flower Market (岭南花卉市场)

Parking: Parking spaces are available inside the market.

(Photo: Guangzhou Liwan Fabu)

Author | Monica & Kelsey

Editor | Wing, Nan, James

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