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Discover 5,000-year-old Liangzhu culture in Guangzhou

2022-Jan-27       Source: newsgd.com

​Are you curious about the Liangzhu culture—a monumental symbol of Chinese civilization? Do you want to see some jade ware that dates back to 5,000 years ago? All of these can be found out in the Nanyue King Museum in Guangzhou!

Are you curious about the Liangzhu culture—a monumental symbol of Chinese civilization? Do you want to see some jade ware that dates back to 5,000 years ago? All of these can be found out in the Nanyue King Museum in Guangzhou!

On January 26, "The Discovery of Liangzhu" cultural relics exhibition opened at the Nanyue King Museum, demonstrating the testament to China's longstanding civilization.

(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

The Liangzhu culture (3400-2250 BC) was the last Neolithic culture in China's Yangtze River Delta, and the Liangzhu site, a shrine of the civilization, is one of the largest and most valuable pieces of evidence to prove that Chinese civilization dates back to 5,000 years ago.

According to UNESCO, with a series of sites, including the City Site, the Peripheral Water Conservancy System, and the excavated objects represented by a series of jade artefacts symbolizing the belief system, as well as its early age, Liangzhu culture represents the remarkable contributions made by the Yangtze River Basin to the origins of Chinese civilization.

The model of Liangzhu City (Photo: Holly)

In the Liangzhu age, jade ware was used to mark the identity and status of the owners and maintain the orderly operation of the political power. Centered on jade cong, jade discs and jade yue, the ancient people designed a system of jade sacrificial vessels to reflect classes, identities and hierarchies. At this exhibition, visitors can see many jade sacrificial vessels from that time period.

A total of 296 pieces (sets) of exquisite cultural relics, including 11 pieces (sets) of first-class cultural relics, are on display, showing jade ware, the structure of Liangzhu City, the water conservancy system and many other interesting aspects of the period. In addition, there are also some QR codes on the wall of the venue, through which people can enjoy rich video materials in a virtual exhibition hall and catch a glimpse of the history around 5,000 years ago.

Jade cong (Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

Venue: The King's Tomb exhibition area of Nanyue King Museum (南越王博物院王墓展区)

Ticket price: 10 RMB per person, half price for students and people aged over 60

Opening hours: 9:00-17:30, until May 20, 2022, closed on Mondays, and ticket office closed at 17:00

Add.: No.867, Jiefang North Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou (广州市越秀区解放北路867号)

Nearest metro station: Take Metro Line 2, get off at Yuexiu Park Station (越秀公园站) and use Exit E

Author: Holly

Editor: Monica, Jerry

Editor: 黄馨影

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