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Enjoy Cantonese culture and celebrate CNY in Guangzhou's Yuexiu District

From this month, over 200 activities featuring art, cuisine, tourism, exhibitions, and shows will be held in Yuexiu District in Guangzhou, according to the Publicity Department of Guangzhou Yuexiu District in a press conference on January 11. The two-month festivity will present a cultural feast for residents to explore Cantonese customs and happily celebrate the Lunar New Year.

(Photo provided to GDToday)

Visitors will be able to enjoy these celebrations at Beijing Road(北京路), Dongshankou (东山口), Zhongshan 4th Road(中山四路), Huifu East Road(惠福东路), Xihu Road(西湖路), Zhongyou Square (忠佑广场), and Wuxian Guan(五仙观).

(Photo provided to GDToday)

The "Yuexiu Xihu Road Flower Fair" and "Yuexiu Temple Fair" will be central parts of this series of activities. Known as a "century-old flower fair", the "Yuexiu Xihu Road Flower Fair" is the most iconic traditional flower market in Guangzhou. Stalls will be set up on Beijing Road, Xihu Road, and ChenghuangTemple Square(城隍庙广场) from January 19 to 21. A Metaverse Flower Fair will also be launched simultaneously to offer visitors an immersive experience of doing some shopping and admiring the beauty of flowers via their mobile phones.

(Photo: Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Guangzhou Yuexiu District)

This year's "Yuexiu Temple Fair" will take place at both physical locations and online. The week-long temple fair (February 5 to 11) is set to open on the Lantern Festival and will attract visitors to the fair, watch lantern shows and performances, and appreciate the intangible cultural heritage. From January 19 to February 11, a series of Cantonese cultural events will be accessible to the public online. People may visit historical and cultural attractions, such as the site of the Millennium Trail(千年古道) and "Copper Kettle Clepsydra" (铜壶滴漏) of Beijing Road, play interactive games, like reciting poems, guessing lantern riddles, experience local customs, and feel the charm of Yuexiu's profound history and culture.

(Photo: Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Guangzhou Yuexiu District)

Additionally, characteristic activities, as follows, should not be missed. Come to Yuexiu to enjoy a happy Spring Festival holiday!

"Wish the Best of Luck in Spring" flower fair in Yifangdongshan Cultural and Creative Park (一方东山“春日行大运”花街主题活动)

At this wonderful fair, several stalls showcasing art, cultural products, illustrations, and flower arrangements will be set up. Visitors will be able to create rubbing-style couplets, watch magic shows, see dance and musical performances, enjoy exhibitions, experience camping, and tea making while wearing Han-style costumes, and much more.

Date: January 14 to 20 (flower fair activities will be open from 12:00–21:00), 2023

Place: Yifangdongshan Cultural and Creative Park ("一方东山"文化创意园 )

Wish Big Fortune in the Flower Fair activities on the Intangible Cultural Heritage Block (Beijing Road) (广州非遗街区(北京路)《行运到花街》新春系列活动)

The Wish Big Fortune in the Flower Fair exhibitions, held in coordination with the New Year painting exhibition at the Guangdong Museum, will bring visitors an entirely new experience of "shopping in the flower fair, watching New Year paintings, and appreciating intangible cultural heritage". The intangible cultural heritage programs of Yuexiu, such as Cantonese cuisine cooking and Cantonese Siu Mai making, will also be displayed.

Date: January 15 to March 29, 2023

Place: Guangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Block (Beijing Road) (广州非遗街区(北京路))

Exhibition featuring kapok paintings by famous Cantonese painters (“英雄花开——岭南名家画红棉”国画展)

The kapok is the city flower of Guangzhou. Featuring the kapok, about 100 traditional Chinese paintings and poems by Chen Jinzhang, Liu Sifen, Chen Yongqiang, and other calligraphers and painters from Guangdong will be exhibited.

Date: January 17 to February 16, 2023

Place: Yuexiu Cultural Center (越秀区文化馆), Gao Jianfu Memorial Hall (高剑父纪念馆)

Poetry Concert (诗词音乐会)

Jazz music with Cantonese poems as the lyrics and jazzed-up versions of traditional New Year songs from Guangzhou, like Winter Jasmine and A New Song to Flower Market, will be played in this concert.

Date: January 19, 2023

Place: Guangzhou Workers' Cultural Palace (市一宫广府学宫)

"Twelve Flowers Fairyland" event (觅秀十二花境)

Themed peony, daffodil, frangipani, and nine other flowers, the "Twelve Flowers Fairyland" event will run through historical and cultural attractions in Yuexiu, such as Renmin Parkand the Yaozhou Historic Site. Residents can play puzzle games, and take photos there. Furthermore, a postmark collection activity will be jointly released with the China Post.

Date: January 19 to February 11 (The postmark collection will start on February 5.), 2023

Place: Renmin Park, the Site of the Islet of Immortality Pills, Lingnan Finance Museum, Copper Kettle Clepsydra, the site of the Millennium Trail, Guangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Block (Beijing Road), Chenghuang Temple, Rong Bao Zhai, Wanmu Caotang, Kui Yuan, Liuhuahu Park, and Yifangdongshan Cultural and Creative Park (人民公园、药洲遗址、岭南金融博物馆、铜壶滴漏、千年古道、广州非遗街区(北京路)、城隍庙、荣宝斋、万木草堂、逵园、流花湖公园、一方东山)

Creative Bazaar (梦幻创市集)

An opening ceremony of the bazaar will be held on February 5 to kick off the Yuexiu Temple Fair. It will join hands with Fantasy Westward Journey, a mobile game by NetEase, to create large lanterns and decorate floats. Visitors will have fun with interactive installations, a creative market, a wishing wall, happiness post office, and cultural performances.

Date: February 5 to 11, 2023

Place: Guangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Block (Beijing Road) (广州非遗街区(北京路)), Chenghuang Temple Zhongyou Square (城隍庙忠佑广场)

Cantonese Food (广府美食)

Commercial activities, featuring special Cantonese food, will be launched to promote Cantonese specialties.

Date: February 5 to 12, 2023

Place: Beijing Road (北京路步行街), Huifu Street of Delicacies and Flowers (惠福美食花街)

Author: Holly

Editor: Wing, Nan, Monica, Jerry

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