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First "GBA Music Performances" event to debut in Guangzhou in late December

The first session of the "GBA Music Performances" event is set to kick off at the Xinhai Concert Hall in Guangzhou on December 23, 2023, featuring an impressive lineup of famous singers, bands, and DJs at home and abroad, such as Hardwell, Will Sparks, Phoenix Legend, and Wang Sulong.

The opening ceremony will also be the grand debut of the League of Greater Bay Area Youth Orchestras, which was established in Guangzhou on October 12 this year. Over 150 performers from the Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra, the Hong Kong Youth Orchestra, and the Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra will present a repertoire that includes both Chinese and Western pieces.

Furthermore, an array of music festivals and concerts will be held in Guangzhou before the 2024 Chinese New Year. People can buy tickets on Damai, Maoyan, and other ticketing platforms, or enjoy some shows via online streaming platforms.

This marks the inaugural year of the "GBA Music Performances" event, which will subsequently become an annual event starting from October in the following years.

Reporter | Holly

Editor | Nan, Monica, James

Photo provided to GDToday

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