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Luxembourg Ambassador expects pragmatic China-US cooperation

Marc Hübsch, Ambassador of Luxembourg to China, said despite the so-called competition between China and US, there is room for pragmatic and result-oriented cooperation. He made the remarks at the 2021 Imperial Springs International Forum in Guangzhou.

Medical supplies from China have played a critical role in Europe’s fight against COVID-19

Marc Hübsch highlighted the exchanges and cooperation between China and Luxembourg remained tight even after the pandemic.

“Our national cargo airline has never stopped between Luxembourg and China since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out last year so that we are able to ship enormous volumes of protection materials and ventilators that were in desperate need in Luxembourg as well as other countries in Europe. We call this fight connection, the air silk road,” said Marc Hübsch.

In addition, Marc Hübsch specifically stressed that the cooperation in the field of green finance is extremely successful between China and Luxembourg. “We established a dedicated stock exchange for green equities called Luxembourg Green Exchange. A number of state-owned Chinese banks have issued the green bonds and listed them at the Luxembourg Green Exchange.”

He added his previous visit to Shenzhen was very impressive because the city is evolving at a fast speed. “The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area reflects in a way, globalization on a relatively small scale in the sense that you have international financial service providers, strong manufacturing base, technological center and a huge talent pool.”

“I definitely look forward to coming back on a regular basis so that we could find out where we could develop cooperation that will be mutually beneficial to both sides.”

China, US cooperation could make huge difference

When talking about China-US relations, Marc Hübsch said Luxembourg  hopes the two biggest economies could install some kind of safeguard to make sure that the competition will not derail, because the whole world would be affected by such an outcome, especially small countries like Luxembourg.

“We noticed with great interest that both the US and China agreed to a common declaration in Glasgow at the COP 26 in terms of climate change and the reduction of emissions. It shows that despite this so-called competition between the two superpowers, there is room for pragmatic and result-oriented cooperation.”

He furthered, “if this cooperation would only be limited to climate change, it would already make a huge difference. But it remains to be seen if both countries could also agree to cooperation in other fields of global interests such as security policy, regional cooperation in different parts of the world where there are still some conflicts going on.”

Author: Jasmine

Video: Jasmine, Axin

Editor: Keane, Jerry

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