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A major country may have big capability, but still equal to other nations: Former Chinese ambassador to the US

On July 3rd, a plenary themed "Major-Power Roles in International Security" was held at the 11th World Peace Forum in Beijing. Former Chinese Ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai was one of the speakers. 

He mentioned that when it comes to major-power relations, China prefers to use the word "country" instead of "power", because in China's view, a major country may have big space, large economic size, and big capability, but it is still equal to other nations.

"China hopes to develop relations with the US, but sometimes the choice is on America's hand. The Sino-US relations that China pursues is win-win cooperation, rather than doing things the US likes or doesn't like," said he. 

Reporter: Steven, Lydia, Rofel, Sherry (Intern)

Video: Ou Xiaoming

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