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SFC Markets and Finance|Zhang Jianping: Guangdong will contribute to China's institutional openness

"In the next stage, Guangdong will attract more foreign investment. It needs to benchmark against a world-class business environment, meeting the demands of institutional openness and international economic and trade rules. " Zhang Jianping, Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of the CAITEC, conducted an exclusive interview with SFC reporter during China's Two Sessions 2024.

According to the 2024 Government Work Report, to pursue higher-standard opening up and promote mutual benefits, China will promote alignment with high-standard international economic and trade rules, and steadily expand institutional opening up.

For the emphasized term "new quality productive forces" in the Government Work Report, Zhang Jianping indicated that new quality productive forces should be with high technology and added value. Guangdong has set a good example and played a leading role for the whole country in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

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