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Explore Asia's highest fountain and Chinese New Year in Heyuan with Venezuelan vlogger

During the Chinese New Year, the most important holiday in China, people gather with their families and friends to enjoy delicious food, travel and discover beautiful places, celebrating the Spring Festival in various ways. 

Venezuelan expat Rafael Saavedra, who has been living in Guangdong for years, is no exception. Saavedra spent this Chinese New Year holiday in Heyuan, his second hometown in China. Buying new year essentials, enjoying local food, watching Asia's highest fountain shows, visiting landmarks of the city... "It is also an important time for the economy as it gives a boost to the consumption all around the country!" Saavedra shared his insights on the Chinese New Year holiday in the video. Follow Saavedra's vlog to explore the unique Chinese New Year in Guangdong's Heyuan!

Reporter | Monica

Video | Rafael Saavedra

Editor | Olivia, Nan, Monica

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