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Bringing world aesthetically-appealing, sustainable products: Guangdong ceramic company

2022-Apr-25       Source: newsgd.com

A previous Canton Fair Design Award winner, Guangdong KITO Ceramics Group Co. Ltd. brought the 131st Canton Fair a new type of form ceramic in accordance with the national strategy of green development and intelligent manufacturing.

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Editor's note: 

The 131st Canton Fair opens from April 15 to 24. The ten-day fair features over 2.9 million products from 16 categories highlighting innovation, green development, etc. The Canton Fair Design Award (CF Award), held for nine years, helps discover many cutting-edge products combining design and business value. In this report, GDToday and Southcn.com interviewed the Guangdong KITO Ceramics Group Co. Ltd., a previous CF award winner, about their insight Into the fair and the product design trends.

A previous Canton Fair Design Award winner, Guangdong KITO Ceramics Group Co. Ltd. brought the 131st Canton Fair a new type of form ceramic in accordance with the national strategy of green development and intelligent manufacturing.

"Products that are practical, beautiful, environmentally friendly, user-friendly are more likely to be favored by overseas markets," according to a spokesperson of the KITO, when talking about the latest design trend worldwide in a recent interview with GDToday.

The 2021 CF Gold Awards went to KITO's foam tile.

GDToday: Your company's foam tile won the CF Gold Award last year. Could you tell us what makes it special?

KITO: It is a new green building material, in line with national development goals of energy saving, carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. With light weight and high strength, it is waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-bacterial, anti-mold and anti-mildew as well as fire-resistant. It is a good substitute for traditional cement components. 

Challenges and opportunities coexist in the field of decorative components. With the steady development of urbanization, both the governments and high-tech enterprises are focusing more on new green building materials, standardized industrialized intelligent production systems, circular economy, construction solid waste utilization, construction carbon emission calculation, etc. These fields are receiving more investments from technology innovation and capital.

GDToday: Could you share with us more cases of self innovation?

KITO: We have been encouraging technical personnel to carry out technology and product innovation, and developed a corresponding product innovation incentive mechanism.

For example, after more than 10 years of continuous research, we are now able to transform waste materials produced in the production process of ceramic tiles into high-quality foamed ceramic materials, achieving high-value reuse of resources.

GDToday: In your opinion, what kind of design and products are more favored by overseas markets?

KITO: Recent years have seen an increasing proportion of award-winning smart home products and the industry is accelerating towards intelligent technology, energy saving and environmental protection. We believe that products that are practical, beautiful, environmentally friendly and user-friendly, are more likely to receive attention and favor from overseas markets.

Besides, innovation is the most important element for enterprises to realize sustainable development in the long run. Also, enterprises should pay more attention to research and development. They can make full use of the industry's multiple resources, get engaged in industry-university-research cooperation, so as to constantly strengthen comprehensive capacity and market competitiveness.

Author | Tang Qiaoyan, Will, Abby

Editor | Wing, Nan, Jerry

Editor: Abby

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