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[SZ] Three expressways may go toll-free

2016-June-13       Source: Szdaily.com

Three expressways going through eastern regions in Shenzhen may go toll-free in the future, according to sznews.com.

Three expressways going through eastern regions in Shenzhen may go toll-free in the future, according to sznews.com.

Shuiguan Expressway, which connects Longgang District with the city center, charges 10 yuan (US$1.52) for each vehicle and has been complained about by residents for years. The transport commission’s spokesperson said the economic development of Longgang will benefit if the expressway becomes toll-free.

The expressway, put into use in 2001, was constructed by Huayu Consortium and it was supposed to charge tolls for 25 years. The commission is collecting statistics about the expressway’s traffic flow and operation status, which will be used as supporting data when the government buys out the expressway operator.

Qingping Expressway’s first phase of construction that starts from Nigang Road in Luohu District and ends at Longjing Overpass was put into use in 2005, and it was supposed to charge tolls until 2026. The expressway’s second phase of construction, which goes from Longjing Overpass to link with Waihuan Expressway, was put into operation in 2013 and won’t be toll-free until 2033.

The 20.4-kilometer Qingping Expressway was also constructed by Huayu Consortium. The commission is studying the feasibility and necessity of buying out the expressway operator, which is meant to enhance the expressway’s transport efficiency as it plays an important role in connecting Luohu District with Guanlan, Pinghu, Bantian and Buji areas.

The Eastern Cross-border Expressway starts from Liantang Checkpoint, goes through the city’s northeastern regions and links with the Shenshan and Huiyan expressways. The 31-kilometer expressway is to be put into use in 2018 and is an important transport corridor to support the city government’s “Going East Strategy,” a plan to refashion eastern parts in Shenzhen.

The commission has to estimate the expressway’s traffic flow and evaluate its value before making it toll-free, and certain issues have to be settled such as the economic compensation involved, the resettlement of toll staff and the expressway’s follow-up management.

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