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Warm Prompt for Foreigners Staying in China

2016-July-20       Source: Newsgd.com

I. Among the certification documents submitted for visa or residence permit application, relevant certificates issued by overseas institutions must be authenticated by Chinese Embassy or Consulate abroad and submitting the Chinese translation documents with the seal of Translation Company.

II. According to Law of The People’s Republic of China on Entry and Exit of Aliens as well as its implementing rules and other laws and regulations, when foreigners arrive at Shenzhen, they shall observe following rules:

i. When foreigners arrive at Shenzhen and check in hotel, they shall timely make the accommodation registration according to public security regulations for hotel industry; if lodging in places outside hotels, the host or the lodger must make the accommodation registration in the police station of the lodging place within 24 hours of their lodging.

ii. Foreigners with visas with the prefix of “D、Z、X、J-I” must apply for Residence Permit in the Division of Exit-entry Administration of Public Security Bureau within 30 days from the day of entry. Foreigners are not allowed to take jobs in China without the approval of Chinese governing authority.

iii. Before the expiry of their visa or residence permit, foreigners must leave China or apply for the extension in the Division of Exit-entry Administration of Public Security Bureau. After taking back the passport and new visa or residence permit from the Division of Exit-entry Administration of Public Security Bureau, please timely go to the police station of the lodging place to apply for the change of accommodation registration information.

iv. Within one month from the day of birth of the foreign infant born in China, the parent or acting agent must take the Birth Certificate and the identification certificates of parents and report in the Division of Exit-entry Administration of Public Security Bureau of Municipal or prefecture level for registration; and the visa application must be made within following 2 months.

v. Foreigners residing or staying in Shenzhen and at the age of 16 or above shall carry passport or residence certificate with them for verification.

vi. If there is any violation of above-stated regulations by foreigners, the Public Security Organ shall make warning, fines, detention, ordered to leave within certain time, deportation and other punishment or adopt the enforcement measures of shortening staying period in China, cancellation of residence in China, deportation, and etc according to law; if the case is so serious as to constitute a crime, they shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility in accordance with law.

Source: Division of Exit-entry Administration of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau

Editor: Steven

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