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The dragon and legend dwell in Guangzhou

2015-April-30       Source: Newsgd.com

On April 29, foreign media visited the CSSC Longxue (Dragon Lair) Shipbuilding Base and GAC Group.

On April 29, foreign media visited the CSSC Longxue (Dragon Lair) Shipbuilding Base and GAC Group.

The dragon lair

At the Longxue (which means dragon lair in Chinese), journalists were amazed by its size. As the largest shipbuilding base in South China, CSSC Longxue project covers an area of 5,85 million square meters, with an available frontage of 6 kilometers.

After the completion of Longxue Shipbuilding Base, the capacity of a single ship made here can reach 300,000 tons. The base will be built by CSSC Guangzhou Longxue Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd., which is wholly-owned by CSSC.

The base is designed for an annual production of 12 large oil tankers and 12 container ships. The annual shipbuilding capacity can reach 2 to 3 million tons, with an output of over 8 billion RMB. “Its current annual shipbuilding capacity is 1.5-2 million,” CSSC answered the question of journalists from Pakistan and Thailand. CSSC also revealed that they has 10-15 billion RMB operating income per year.

Longxue is equipped with two large docks and four 600-ton gantry cranes. Its target products consist of a wide range of civil ships including very large crude carriers (VLCC), large container ships, very large ore carriers (VLOC), and large-scale liquefied gas carriers, etc.

Now that the 21st century maritime Silk Road gradually gains shape, Longxue welcomes boarder and deeper cooperation. “We have a broad overseas market, and our customers come from Denmark, Greece, Swedish Switzerland, Italian, German, and Czech Republic, ” CSSC told the press.

The Trumpchi

In a building that looks like a white cruise lies the lab of GAC Group.

GAC GROUP, ranked the 366th place in Fortune 500 ccompany. It proudly owns the local designed and assembled car, Trumpchi, which means legend in Chinese.

GAC itself is also a legend of Guangzhou. In 2013, GAC had the production and sales of overfill one million, and revenue of over 200 billion RMB.

When the press asked GAC what makes their car stand out from other domestic manufactured cars, GAC gave the credit to its determination and perseverance of innovation. They ranks the 14th in all brands and the 1st of all car brands in China, which means it has even beat other co-building car brands in China.

Editor: Keane

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