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A cool summer escape in Shaoguan

2014-June-23       Source: Szdaily web edition

Why not take your family and enjoy a cool summer getaway in Shaoguan over the weekend?

A 1,386-step staircase runs from the bottom to the top of the Ruyuan canyon in Shaoguan.

A scene in Nanling forest park.

A view of the Danxia landscape in Shaoguan.

A pond at the foot of Danxia Mountain.

Shaoguan is one of the coolest cities in Guangdong with beautiful mountains and rivers, and an average temperature of about 28 to 29 degrees Celsius in summer. Why not take your family and enjoy a cool summer getaway in Shaoguan over the weekend?

Danxia Mountain

Also called Chinese Redstone Park, Danxia Mountain in Shaoguan is a world-famous geological park. China has the world's largest amount of danxia, or redstone geomorphology, the majority of which is found on the mountain.

The mountain consists of many scenic spots, including Zhanglao Peak, Yangyuan Hill, Xianglong Lake and the Jinhe River. There is also a grotto temple that was built during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). Biezhuan Temple is one of the 100 most notable temples in Guangdong.

A boat trip on the Jinhe River will enable you to enjoy views that cannot be seen while hiking on the mountain, such as Golden Worship Turtle, Guanyin, Six-finger Ghost and Stone Woman. If you visit the mountain, do not waste the opportunity to take a boat trip.

From Yangyuan Port to Danxia Power Station, there are dozens of scenic spots along the river such as Yangyuan Hill, Stone Elephants and Red Cliff. Taking the 8-kilometer trip is like gazing at a series of landscape paintings.

Transport: Take a train from Shenzhen Railway Station or a bus from most city bus stations to Shaoguan City, and then take a local bus to the mountain.

Ruyuan Grand Canyon

Ruyuan Grand Canyon is a beautiful natural landmark located in Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County in Shaoguan.

The canyon is more than 300 meters deep, 15 kilometers long and features a number of breathtaking waterfalls and waterways. The largest of the waterfalls is over 200 meters tall.

For those who enjoy physical challenges, ascend the "Heavenly Stairs," a 1,386-step staircase from the bottom to the top of the canyon.

The canyon was voted by foreigners as one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the province and although it can be a little tiring to get to, most visitors agree that it is well worth the effort.

The canyon is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day and admission is 60 yuan.

Transport: Take a train or coach to Shaoguan from Shenzhen and transfer to a bus to Ruyuan.

Nanling National Forest Park

Located about 70 kilometers from downtown Shaoguan, Nanling National Forest Park is the largest forest park in the province with a total area of about 300 square kilometers.

Many of the province's highest peaks are located in the park. The mountains also have an abundance of waterfalls, springs and rivers. The water has never been exposed to pollution.

The park is great for summer hiking. Take the recommended route from the front gate of the park to Shikengkong Peak via Ti'er Power Plant, Qinshui Valley and No. 4 Forest Lane.

Try some fresh fruit along the way for a delicious summer snack.

The pork dishes made by local villagers are famous. Recommended dishes include pork soup and roast pork.

Transport: Take a train or coach to Shaoguan from Shenzhen and transfer to a bus to Ruyuan.



Editor: 张斯

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