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Domestic and international aerobatic teams perform "aerial ballet" in Zhuhai

On the opening day of the 2023 AERO Asia on November 23rd, three aerobatic teams from around the world dazzled spectators with thrilling performances, presenting an aerial ballet.

"Fly-by Knights" makes debut in China

In the morning at around 10 AM, the European aerobatic team “Fly-by Knights” made their debut in China. Formed in 2019, this team, composed of pilots from England and France, has showcased their skills in over 20 countries across five continents. Pilot John Dodd expressed his delight at participating in the Zhuhai airshow, emphasizing the vibrant culture and energy of China.

Performing in a diamond formation with four EXTRA300 planes, the team executed maneuvers under multiple gravitational forces, creating mesmerizing aerial displays with ribbon-like patterns in the sky.

The "Knights" concluded their performance with a series of classic four-plane formations, including the breathtaking “Falling Leaves” maneuver, earning cheers from the audience. The 950-kilogram EXTRA300 aeroplanes maneuvered through the sky like falling leaves, delivering a breathtaking and cool performance. Spectators exclaimed, "Completing this maneuver is like magic," highlighting the challenging nature of the aerobatic display.

In a romantic finale, the four planes split into two groups, crafting two hearts in the sky - an exclusive and romantic gesture for Zhuhai, the city of romance.

Phoenix tail unveiled, Sunward Aerobatic Team showcases skills

As the first domestic aerobatic team, the Sunward Aerobatic Team took to the skies around 10:40 AM. Flying in a tight diamond formation, the four planes trailed white smoke in intricate patterns, executing figure-eight maneuvers at a hundred meters above the ground. It was a challenging feat, especially for the tailplane maneuvering through the wake turbulence of the preceding three aircraft.

The most spectacular moment occurred around 11 AM when the four planes, facing the audience in a horizontal formation, separated one by one. The smoke trails converged to form a phoenix-tail shape, a customized highlight for this airshow.

Continuous thrills in aerial performances

On the opening day, the “Divine Eagle of South China Sea,” the 1st Rescue Flight Team of the South China Sea of the Chinese Ministry of Transport, presented a unique emergency rescue demonstration.

Captain Chen Xiankai piloted an S76D medium helicopter, showcasing low-altitude flight, tight turns, and rescue operations. Simultaneously, a large EC225 rescue helicopter performed firefighting tasks, circling the audience with a water-bucket attachment for a dramatic water dispersal operation.

From November 23rd to 26th, five aerobatic teams, including the European “Fly-by Knights,” Sunward Aerobatic Team, and the 1st South China Sea Rescue Flight Team, will take turns in the sky, presenting 70-minute aerial performances and rescue drills each day.

Source | Yangcheng Evening News