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Photos | Dance drama "Awakening Lion" celebrates its fifth anniversary in Guangzhou

The dance drama "Awakening Lion," created by the Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater, was staged at the Guangzhou Opera House on February 3 and February 4 to celebrate its fifth anniversary and the upcoming Chinese New Year. Thousands of spectators flocked the opera house to enjoy this classic stage production.

Since its debut in 2018, the dance drama has toured around the country, showcasing lion dance culture. It was named the best dance drama by the most prestigious dance award in China—the China Dance Lotus Awards.

In 2024, "Awakening Lion" and the dragon boat-themed dance drama "Loong" will go on tour throughout the country. The Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater has also started creating a new work on the theme of the popular Yingge Dance, literally the Songs of Heroes dance, a major representation of folk art in southern China's Guangdong Province.

Reporter | Monica

Editor | Nan, James