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Intl student experiences vibrant Chinese New Year in Shenzhen

Editor's note: With the arrival of the Lantern Festival, the 2024 Chinese New Year holiday is coming to an end. The past few weeks have seen spectacular and jubilant celebrations across Guangdong. Syam Melethil Sethumadhavan, a PhD student from Shenzhen University, also had an unforgettable Chinese New Year. He shared with readers of GDToday the warmth and happiness he felt in Shenzhen.

As the Lunar Chinese New Year began, Shenzhen city transformed with vibrant colors, joyous celebrations, and heartfelt traditions. For a Shenzhener like me, the experience was nothing short of magical.

Pic. 1. The International Dormitory at Shenzhen University is decorated for the 2024 Chinese New Year (CNY). Posing for a photo in front of those decorations.

Walking through the streets adorned with red lantern lamps and blooming flowers, I found that the festive spirit was deep. OEverywhere I looked, orange plants symbolizing prosperity and good fortune could be seen atgraced the entrances of shops, apartments, and public spaces, casting a warm glow upon the city.

Pic. 2. Posing for a photo with friends during the 2024 New Year celebrations.

Pic. 3. Beautiful night view on 2024 Chinese New Year's Eve in front of Shenzhen University (Taoyuan Road).

Pic. 4. 2024 Chinese New YearCNY decoration on Shenzhen University campus.

The coreheart of the celebration lay in the enthusiastic gatherings of residents, eagerly lighting firecrackers and immersing themselves in the festivities. As an observeran observer, I couldn't help but be captivated by the energy and enthusiasm that filled the air. It was a joy to witness the cultural traditions unfolding before my eyes.

Pic. 5. Random views during the 2024 Chinese New YearCNY.

Throughout the Chinese New Year festivities, I was touched by the generosity and hospitality of my Chinese friends. I received thoughtful gifts and cherished red packets, symbolizing blessings for the year ahead. A highlight of my celebrations was the splendid buffet lunch that I had which was hosted by Shenzhen University, where students and faculty came together to share in the spirit of friendship and community.

Pic. 6. 2024 Chinese New YearCNY lunch buffet at Shenzhen University.

In the company of my foreign friends during the 2024 Chinese New YearCNY, we embarked on an exploration of Shenzhen's nighttime beauty, admiring the illuminated cityscape and immersing ourselves in the festive ambiance. A visit to Sea World to witness the mesmerizing musical water fountain show added a touch of enchantment to our holiday experience.

Pic. 7. Beautiful decorations of Shenzhen City (Sea World) during 2024 Chinese New YearCNY holidays.

Pic. 8. Beautiful decorations of Shenzhen City during 2024 Chinese New YearCNY holidays.

Pic. 9. Posing for a picture during an activity at Shenzhen University during 2024 Chinese New YearCNY.

As the Lunar New Year approaches each year, fond memories of the cherished gatherings at Shenzhen University flood my mind. The heartfelt gestures of the College of International Exchange teachers, and the friendship shared over festive meals with our mentors – these are moments I will always hold dear. While I may eventually bid farewell to Shenzhen, I will forever treasure the happiest memories created during the Chinese New Year celebrations in this dynamic city.

As we bid farewell to the Year of the Tiger and welcome the auspicious Year of the Dragon, I extend my warmest wishes to all for a joyous and prosperous Chinese New Year. May the spirit of unity and celebration continue to thrive in the vibrant city of Shenzhen.

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