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Guangzhou further simplifies the work visa process

2018-Jun-7       Source: Newsgd.com

Recently, Guangzhou has unveiled a new set of measures for simplifying the work visa process.

Recently, Guangzhou has unveiled a new set of measures for simplifying the work visa process including optimizing the workflow, simplifying application documents and shortening the approval time.

The new policies provide more convenience for foreign employees from all the three categories (Category A, B and C).

What are the three categories? Check here!

Talents enrolled in domestic talent projectsi

Online application, extension and cancellation of work permits is applicable to those applicants who are enrolled in high-level talent programs set up by the government, and are no longer required to submit paper documents.

For Category A applicants

Category A applicants are no longer required to submit paper documents for pre-application on “Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit” or “Foreigner’s Work Permit”. All category A applicants’ extensions can be handled directly online (except for extension applications based on the condition of salary or wage).

In addition, new applications, extensions or cancellations of category A applicant visas will be completed within 5 working days.

For Category B&C applicants

Two processes of paper documents submission have been streamlined into one process. Applicants are no longer required to submit paper documents for pre-application for the “Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit”.

For all the category A, B&C applicants

No longer require paper documents for alteration of, or reapplication for work permits. For work permit cancellation, the employers are not required to submit paper documents and can handle the work online after completing the prequalification process.

In addition, the new measures also simplify the reapplication documents for work permit.

Applicants who have already obtained a work permit and want to reapply for a work permit, are no longer required to resubmit certification (diploma) of their highest academic degree.

If applying for the same position which they have worked, the job qualification documents are now not required. In addition, non-criminal record certificate also can be exempted if the applicants’ residence permit is still valid or has been changed into “stay visa”.

Furthermore, according to the Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau, Nansha, Huangpu and Panyu District of Guangzhou have opened service windows for work permit business.

Author | Keane

Editor | Simon Haywood


i. The central government of China, many provinces, and cities have set up talent programs. There’s currently around 180 talent plans in China. Guangdong has also set up lots of talent programs including the Guangdong Friendship Award, Program for Innovative Research Teams and Leading Talent Introduction, Special Support Plan for High-Level Talents, Sail Plan for Talent Development, Funding Scheme for Short-Term Overseas Experts in Guangdong, Guangzhou Friendship Award, Advanced Foreign Experts Introduction Plan, Guangzhou Talent Green Card, Overseas Talent Entrepreneurial Encouragement “Kapok Plan”, “100 Talents Plan” of Entrepreneurial and Innovative Leading Talent.

Editor: Keane Wong

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